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    A survey of top 35 therapy of anti new coronavirus pneumonia in research

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    In recent days, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been curbed in China, but it is becoming more and more popular abroadAccording to the report, there are nearly 300000 patients diagnosed with covid-19 in nearly 200 countries and regions except ChinaIn this context, novel coronavirus Genetic (Engineering and Biotechnology News) has recently published an article titled How to Conquer Coronavirus: 35, which summarizes 35 new therapies for new coronavirus pneumonia, including Reed, Fa Pilar Vee, chloroquine and so onThere are also vaccines under developmentThe following is a brief introduction to the treatment1------ (novel coronavirus): the HIV-1 type of protease inhibitors, combined with other antiretroviral drugs, can be used to treat HIV-1 infection in adults and children aged 14 and overstatus has been included in the new diagnostic and therapeutic protocol for coronavirus pneumonia in China; the Henan Health Committee announced in January 31st that Three patients with new coronavirus infection recovered after taking CoriolusIn addition, the nucleic acid test of 20 patients with new coronavirus infection in Zhejiang hospital turned negative after taking Coriolus< br / > however, the results of the study published by Professor Cao Bin's team in the New England Journal of Medicine on March 18 showed that no benefit of lopinavir / litonavir was observed compared with conventional treatment in patients with severe illness< br / > 2 < br / >, For the prevention / early treatment of covid-19< br / > 3 < br / >The vaccine production platform has developed nasovax, a candidate influenza vaccine drug developed by the company, which shows positive results in phase IIa clinical trials< br / > 4 < br / > < br / > status quo: Vienna based apeiron launched a clinical trial in China on February 26, which was initiated by researchers to evaluate apn01 as a treatment for patients with severe sars-cov-2 infection The randomized, non blind trial will treat 24 patients for seven days to obtain preliminary data on the impact of rhace2 on biological, physiological and clinical outcomes and safety < br / > 5 < br / > On February 2, Goliath said it would actively assist relevant medical institutions and medical researchers in conducting clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Goliath's asc09 and ritonavir in the treatment of covid-19 On January 25, Goliath applied to nmpa and CDE for the fixed dose combination of ritonavir and asc09 to be included in the national emergency channel < br / > in addition, Tongji Hospital also had a nct04261270 study, which tested asc09 and oseltamivir, litonavir and oseltamivir, respectively In addition, a trial registered by the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College is evaluating the efficacy of combination of asc09 and ritonavir, lopinavir and ritonavir (chictr2000029603) China's novel coronavirus pneumonia : 6: ---: a new quinoline compound with antimalarial and anti-inflammatory properties: clinical research on chloroquine phosphate in the treatment of new crown pneumonia has been carried out in more than 10 hospitals in Beijing, Guangdong and Hunan provinces, and has shown "better results" in these hospitals The novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment scheme has been incorporated into chloroquine phosphate < br / > 7 < br / > < br / > 8 < br / > < br / > 9 < br / > < br / > 10 < br / > At present, contact has been made with local experts in China to discuss the clinical verification and logistics requirements for fast tracking of cynk-001 in China 11 --- --- novel coronavirus : Roche, Hai Zheng pharmaceutical type: a human monoclonal antibody targeting interleukin 6: the status of the monoclonal antibody has been written into the new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program It can be treated with topiramab " In China, there have been many clinical trials of topiramab covid-19, recently Roche also launched a global clinical trial of topiramab covid-19 < br / > 12 < br / > < br / > 13 < br / > Richard Hatchett, CEO of CEPI, said that coalition and curevac hope to bring the gene sequence of the virus into the candidate vaccine and conduct clinical tests within a few months < br / > 14 < br / > < br / > 15 < br / > --- fabiravir < br / > manufacturers: Fuji film Holding Co., Ltd., Haizheng pharmaceutical < br / > type: broad spectrum RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) inhibitor, Japan's Ministry of health will recommend that Fujifilm's Fushan chemical company, fabiravir, use it as a coronavirus treatment after at least two medical institutions have confirmed its effectiveness in treating mild and asymptomatic cases In China, three hospitals in Shenzhen announced clinical trials, which showed that 80 cases were enrolled into the group from the experimental group and the control group The preliminary results showed that no obvious adverse reactions were found in the treatment group of fabiravir, the side effects were significantly lower than those in the Coriolis group, and the patients' compliance was good; the antiviral treatment effect after treatment was better than that in the Coriolis group < br / > recently, the third people's Hospital of Shenzhen and the National Center of emergency prevention and control drug engineering and technology jointly published an article in the Journal of engineering of the Chinese Academy of engineering The results showed that in terms of the time of virus nucleic acid turning negative, the median value of the time of turning negative in the treatment group was significantly shorter than that in the control group, which was 4 (2.5-9) days and 11 (8-13) days respectively, There was significant difference (P < 0.001) In the aspect of chest imaging improvement, compared with the control group, the improvement rate of the treatment group was 91.4% and 62.22% respectively In addition, fabiravir was well tolerated < br / > 16 < br / > Generex will receive a $1 million advance to start project work in the United States < br / > 17 < br / >, It is also planned to set up centers to recruit patients in many countries around the world to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of ridcivir in the treatment of covid-19 Recently, readcivir was awarded the qualification of orphan drug by the US FDA for its indication of covid-19 < br / > 18 < br / > Clover Biopharmaceutics is one of the largest suppliers of commercial cGMP biological manufacturing capacity in China, which can rapidly expand the production scale and mass production of related vaccines < br / > 19 < br / > < br / > 20 < br / > --- vaccine and coronavirus neutralizing antibody < br / > manufacturer: immunoprecise antibiotics < br / > type: Using Immune precision proprietary discovery platform (B cell select) ™ and DeepDisplay ™) Current situation of antibodies directly generated by omniab ® and transgenic animal platform < br / > immunoprecise announced on February 20 that it has appointed Dr Ilse roodink, chairman of talem Scientific Committee, as the global project leader of coronavirus, who is committed to finding treatment for covid-19 < br / > 21 < br / >
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