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    AACR treatment of bladder cancer, bicyclic peptide conjugate therapy achieves 50% objective response rate

    • Last Update: 2022-06-18
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    ▎WuXi AppTec Content Team Editor Bicycle Therapeutics announced the latest clinical trial results of its investigational bicyclic peptide-based therapy BT8009 at the AACR annual meeting today

    BT8009 is the company's second-generation bicyclic peptide-conjugated toxin targeting Nectin-4

    Trial results showed a confirmed overall response rate of 50% in a cohort of urothelial cancer patients treated with BT8009 at a weekly dose of 5.
    0 mg/m2

    Bicyclic peptide technology incorporates chemical modifications into polypeptides to form a fixed three-dimensional molecular conformation

    Bicyclic peptide molecules combine the properties of antibodies, small molecule drugs and peptides, and have similar affinity and specificity as antibodies; at the same time, they have smaller molecular weights and can penetrate quickly and deeply into tissues; their peptide properties provide A tunable pharmacokinetic half-life and renal clearance pathway avoids liver and gastrointestinal toxicity common in other drug forms

    ▲Characteristic comparison of bicyclic peptides with small molecules and antibodies (Image source: Bicycle Therapeutics' official website) In this clinical trial, patients with solid tumors who had received an average of 3 previous treatments received different doses of BT8009, of which 49% for urothelial carcinoma patients

    Results of the trial showed that of 8 patients with urothelial carcinoma treated with BT8009 at a weekly dose of 5.
    0 mg/m2, 4 patients achieved confirmed responses and one patient achieved a complete response

    Two other patients had stable disease with a disease control rate of 75%

    As of March 7 of this year, the median duration of response had not been reached, and the response was still maintained in 3 patients who received treatment for at least 24 weeks

    ▲The trial data of BT8009 in patients with urothelial carcinoma (5.
    0 mg/m2 per week, image source: Bicycle Therapeutics official website) In terms of safety, no dose-limiting toxicity was found in the 2.
    5 mg/m2 or 5.
    0 mg/m2 dose groups

    Skin and ocular toxicity, neuropathy and risk of hyperglycemia are low

    Neutropenia occurred in 30% of patients treated with BT8009

    "We believe the differentiated pharmacokinetic profile of bicyclic peptide-conjugated toxins has the potential to lead to better patient outcomes," said Bicycle CEO Dr.
    Kevin Lee, "We look forward to providing additional updates on BT8009 this year and An update to our extensive bicycle oncology pipeline

    ” Reference: [1] Bicycle Therapeutics to Present Interim BT8009 Phase I Clinical Trial Results at the 2022 AACR Annual Meeting.
    Retrieved April 9, 2022, from https://investors.
    bicycletherapeutics .
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