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    Abbott and authoritative media release "2022 Diabetes Nutrition Cognitive Consumer Insights"

    • Last Update: 2023-01-06
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    SHANGHAI, Nov.
    11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On the occasion of the United Nations Diabetes Day on November 14, Abbott joined hands with People's Daily Health Client, Zhihu and JD Health to jointly release the "2022 Diabetes Nutrition Cognitive Consumer Insights" at the 5th CIIE, focusing deeply on the nutritional support of diabetes, so as to promote the standardized management of diabetes and reduce the occurrence of diabetes complications.
    Improve the health and quality of life of diabetic patients and contribute to the construction of
    "Healthy China 2030".

    "2022 Diabetes Nutrition Cognitive Consumer Insights" released

    Wei Yaning, director of the Health Education Department of People's Daily Health Client, said in his speech: "In the Healthy China Action (2019-2030) issued by the State Council before, there are 15 special actions, and diabetes prevention and treatment are not only included for the first time, but also 3 special actions related to diabetes, which is enough to show the urgency and importance
    of diabetes prevention and treatment.

    Wei Yaning, director of the Health Education Department of People's Daily Health Client

    "2022 Diabetes Nutrition Cognitive Consumer Insights" released to provide health guidance for patients

    "2022 Diabetes Nutrition Cognitive Consumer Insights" shows that although most diabetic patients have cognition of diet control, there are still certain cognitive biases in the long-term diet battle, and these cognitive misunderstandings have caused the widespread problem
    of nutritional imbalance among diabetics.
    Clinical research data show that more than 60% of patients with diabetes are malnourished or at related risk, and the incidence of malnutrition in non-hospitalized patients is as high as 30
    In particular, some specific groups, such as diabetic patients whose bodies are recovering after surgery, gestational diabetes patients, elderly diabetic patients with insufficient digestion and absorption due to bad teeth and mouths, diabetic patients with insufficient daily diet due to dietary control, and diabetic patients who are emaciated and undernourished due to diseases, etc.
    , need more accurate and professional nutritional support

    "In the Zhihu community, the number of topics surrounding diabetes has accumulated more than 12,000, and the number of answers has exceeded 130,000, which clearly shows the extent of the disease and the high level of
    public attention 。 Zhou Ming, head of the Zhihu Health team, said, "This time, we have conducted a comprehensive investigation and analysis on the current situation of Zhihu users' cognition of diabetes and subsequent nutritional supplements, and at the same time integrated the experts of the People's Daily Health client, the professional opinions of excellent content respondents on the Zhihu website, and the consumption data statistics of JD Health representing user behavior, and sincerely hope that it can bring real learning and guidance significance
    to our patients.
    " "

    Zhou Ming, the leader of the Zhihu Health team

    Diabetes management "five horses" in parallel Nutritional support is indispensable

    Diabetes has become one of the serious public health problems facing the world, according to the latest data released by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), as of 2021, there are about 540 million adults with diabetes in the world, of which 141 million are diabetics in China

    Yang Ye, Vice President of JD.
    com Group and General Manager of JD.
    com Health Nutrition and Wellness Business Unit

    As one of the major chronic diseases, publicity and education, diet control, exercise therapy, drug treatment and blood glucose monitoring are the "five carriages" of diabetes prevention and management, and diet, as a component closely related to daily life, will directly affect blood sugar control and disease development, and is an important concern
    of diabetic patients 。 Yang Ye, vice president of JD.
    com Group and general manager of JD.
    com Health Nutrition and Health Care Business Unit, emphasized that in the face of the huge group of diabetic patients, as well as the special problems of treatment such as general nutritional inequality and postprandial blood glucose fluctuations, it is worth thinking about how to further meet the nutritional supplement of patients, improve online medical treatment and drug purchase, daily health management and other needs

    Supplement nutrition to stabilize blood sugar Nutritional formula powder is specially designed for people with high blood sugar

    "2022 Diabetes Nutrition Cognitive Consumer Insights" pointed out that when choosing nutritional products, it is necessary to meet the two requirements of "rich nutrition" and "minimize blood sugar fluctuations" at the same time, and only scientific and planned intake of various nutrients to achieve professional nutritional supplements can effectively control the development of diabetes

    At present, there are many types of nutritional supplements on the market, making it difficult for patients to choose, but clinical research data show that nutritional formula powder suitable for people with high blood sugar can improve the nutritional status and immune indicators of diabetic patients, reduce the occurrence of postoperative complications, allow the body to recover as usual, and maintain blood sugar stability

    "Over the years, Abbott has been committed to providing Chinese consumers with high-quality products and advanced diabetes diet management and nutritional supplement concepts, so as to benefit more diabetics
    " Li Jing, Director of Marketing and Business Excellence of Abbott Medical Nutrition Business, said that Abbott Yilika SR Nutrition Formula Powder is nutritionally balanced, containing 34 kinds of nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc.
    , and has a unique slow-release formula and low GI characteristics, which helps diabetics supplement balanced nutrition while stabilizing blood sugar, which is a nutritional product
    suitable for diabetics.

    Jing Li, Director of Marketing and Business Excellence for Abbott Med's Nutrition Business

    As a leading global healthcare company with more than 130 years of history, Abbott has been committed to enabling people to live healthy and better lives
    Abbott Medical Nutrition Division, based on medical and clinical nutrition, provides people with scientific, safe and effective nutritional products with scientific, safe and effective nutritional supplement solutions
    covering the whole life cycle through scientific formulas, strict quality inspection standards and a large number of clinical research.
    In the field of diabetes care, in the future, Abbott will continue to launch more innovative products to help diabetics better manage their health and help them enjoy a more colorful life

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