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    ABB's integrated charging station accelerates the development of China's electric transportation

    • Last Update: 2021-06-14
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      [ Star Enterprise of Chemical Machinery Equipment Network ] On April 22, 2021, on Earth Day, ABB officially released ABB pre-installed integrated charging stations that integrate fast charging piles and box-type substations in China.
    The solution innovatively integrates ABB’s advanced power distribution technology and charging technology.
    It integrates Terra DC charging piles in a compact box-type substation.
    Through the pre-configuration of cables and other equipment, it reduces 80% of the work of land construction and on-site commissioning to support customers The rapid and efficient construction of charging infrastructure will accelerate China's construction of a future-oriented sustainable transportation system.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network star enterprise chemical machinery and equipment
      Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China, said that ABB is committed to applying innovative electrification and digital technologies to accelerate energy transformation, build a green intelligent transportation industry chain, and promote sustainable development in the future.
    From clean energy power generation and grid connection to smart power distribution and charging, ABB's end-to-end solutions can connect users, partners, products, and scenarios, meet the needs of all parties with multi-dimensional and professional services, and accelerate the electrification of China's transportation.


      The transportation industry is the world's second largest source of carbon emissions, and it is imperative to develop low-carbon transportation, especially electric transportation.
    The goal of carbon neutrality has given huge room for development in electric vehicle-related industries.
    In order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, China has formulated a series of green transportation development plans: new energy vehicles will account for 20% in 2025, public vehicles will be fully electrified in 2035, and carbon neutral in 2060 will be achieved.
    In this ecological field, the ABB solution plays a very critical role as the supporting infrastructure necessary for the development of electric vehicles, building a bridge between the power grid, renewable energy and mobile energy terminals (electric vehicles).


      ABB pre-installed integrated charging stations are widely used in public parking lots, residential buildings, hotels, commercial buildings and other places.
    They can be connected to the medium voltage distribution network, and standardized products can be delivered.
    They can be placed in conventional parking areas and only occupy one parking lot.
    It can effectively reduce the civil construction cost and project cycle.
    Plug and play, the pre-tested integrated DC charging station solution can be installed within one day.
    It uses a pre-designed modular infrastructure solution.
    The owner can immediately invest in 1 or 2 charging facilities.
    As more consumers use electric vehicles in the future, the owner can expand the scale at any time.
    The solution supports cloud-based ABB intelligent online monitoring and remote maintenance, helping to reduce operating costs by up to 55%.


      He Xiaohui, head of ABB's power distribution system in China, said, “As more and more high-power electric vehicle charging piles enter the market, the construction of a new charging station may require changes to the existing power infrastructure.
    ABB pre-installed integrated Chemical charging stations support access to renewable energy and energy storage systems, combined with high-power DC charging piles, to support customers in building stations safely and efficiently, reducing or avoiding the impact on existing power distribution systems.
    Today is Earth Day, and we are very happy to have the same period The release of this product in China provides a one-stop solution for writing a safe, smart and sustainable electrified future.


      On the day of the event, ABB and Jiangsu Wenguang Zhufang New Energy Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    signed the first ABB pre-installed integrated charging station in China.
    Jiang Feng, general manager of Jiangsu Wenguang Zhufang New Energy Technology Co.
    , Ltd.
    , said that thanks to the new infrastructure and carbon neutral policy planning, the charging station market across the country has developed rapidly recently.
    The cooperation with ABB is to use innovative technology to efficiently build stations, optimize the layout of electric vehicle charging facilities, improve the convenience of charging for car owners, and promote the rapid development of green transportation and contribute to China's goal of "carbon neutrality".


      The prefabricated box-type substation in the integrated charging scheme is an assembly that has been type tested and verified, including housing, medium voltage switchgear, distribution transformer , low voltage switchgear, etc.
    , used to introduce power from the medium voltage distribution network and Provide users with low-voltage power supply after step-down.
    In response to the tide of new infrastructure construction and carbon neutrality goals, ABB has fully upgraded its pre-installed substation family, including digital box transformers, pre-installed integrated charging stations, container box transformers, GRP shell box transformers and modular energy storage systems And other solutions, the structure is more compact, the program is more flexible, to meet national standards and local needs.

      ABB is a global enterprise in the field of electric mobility solutions and charging infrastructure, providing a full range of charging and electrification solutions for electric vehicles, ships and railways.
    Since entering the electric vehicle charging market in 2010, ABB has sold more than 400,000 charging piles in 85 countries and regions, including 20,000 DC charging piles and some 380,000 AC charging piles sold through Shanghai Lianzhu.


      Original title: ABB's integrated charging station accelerates the development of China's electric transportation
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