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    About the important role of lactoferrin in growth and development Did you know?

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    Do you know, what is the concept of extracting 1 kg of lactoferrin from 10,000 kg of raw milk?

    A Holstein cow produces about 88.
    7 kg of milk a day, and it takes nearly 120 days or 4 months to produce 10,000 kg of fresh milk, in other words: 113 Holstein cows need to produce milk every day to extract 1 kg of lactoferrin! So, is "lactoferrin" good or not, and where is it good?

    Lactoferrin plays an important role in growth and development

    According to CBNData survey data, in the past two years, the compound growth rate of the consumption scale of lactoferrin-containing dairy products and milk powder has exceeded 300%.

    Since the discovery of lactoferrin, Chinese and foreign scholars have been studying lactoferrin with great
    In November 2018, the Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society released the Expert Consensus on the Health Effects of Lactoferrin in Infants and Young Children for the first time, in which the results of the study showed that lactoferrin has a certain role in the prevention and auxiliary treatment of infant diarrhea, neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis, respiratory diseases, and neonatal sepsis, and has a certain role
    in improving infant anemia and promoting their growth and development.

    In general, natural breast milk is the most valuable food for newborns, especially colostrum contains a lot of lactoferrin, if the baby is breastfed does not need to supplement lactoferrin, but for milk formula fed and prone to diarrhea, weak resistance, premature baby, unfortified lactoferrin infant powder lactoferrin content is relatively low, need to choose lactoferrin fortified formula or lactoferrin products to obtain lactoferrin

    In this regard, Lai Jianqiang, deputy director of the Institute of Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that the formation of infant immune barriers is inseparable from scientific feeding methods, when there is no breast milk or insufficient breast milk, infant formula with lactoferrin is a safer alternative, and the appropriate daily lactoferrin supplement dose is 200-800 mg
    For example, the recently listed Junlebao Zhenai milk powder, the amount of lactoferrin per 100g is greater than 468mg, and the addition of lactoferrin is up to 33 times, which is currently a relatively high amount of lactoferrin per 100g on the market, which is very helpful to improve
    the baby's self-protection.

    How to choose the right lactoferrin product?

    There are many products about lactoferrin on the market, such as infant formula, modulated milk, flavored fermented milk and nutritional enhancers for milk-containing beverages, etc.
    , and the claims about lactoferrin content are also varied from 100mg to 1000mg, so how to choose lactoferrin products correctly? Mainly from the following three aspects:

    Implementation standards: domestic food-grade lactoferrin shall comply with the "Food Nutrition Enhancer Use Standard" (GB14880-2012) promulgated and implemented in 2012, which stipulates that lactoferrin can be used as a nutritional enhancer for infant formula, modulated milk, flavored fermented milk and milk-containing beverages, with a maximum content of 1.
    At present, most of the products implement the national food safety standard milk powder (standard code is GB 19644); If parents want to choose infant formula containing lactoferrin for their baby, they can look directly at the packaging

    Second, the name and content: different products lactoferrin addition amount varies greatly, and even some products are marked with 1000mg on the content, here to pay attention to: first of all, we must distinguish whether its name is lactoferrin or whey protein or XX lactoiron TM protein
    。 Although the richer content of whey protein β-lactoglobulin, α-lactalbumin, immunoglobulin and other active ingredients can also complement other immunoactive proteins in lactoferrin to form a synergistic immune effect, but whey protein content is not equal to lactoferrin content; The Chinese Nutrition Society released the "Expert Consensus on the Health Effects of Lactoferrin in Infants and Young Children" pointed out that the lactoferrin content of early breast milk (= 28 days of breast milk) is between
    This means that babies who eat 1000ml of breast milk a day will get 440mg-4400mg of lactoferrin
    from breast milk.
    At present, the lactoferrin content of nearly 100 infant powders on the market also ranges from a few grams to several hundred grams, and the lactoferrin addition of Junlebao Zhenai milk powder can reach more than 468mg per 100g, which is more suitable for the baby's daily lactoferrin intake;

    Ingredient list: First of all, we should pay attention to whether there are sensitive ingredients in the formula list, such as white sugar, glucose syrup, corn syrup, flavors and fragrances, sweeteners, etc.
    ; Secondly, it depends on whether there are characteristic ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, etc.
    , such as Junlebao's Zhenai milk powder in addition to adding more than 468mg of lactoferrin per 100g, but also adding 15 key nutrients such as high-quality OPO, preferred raw milk, high-quality CPP, euprebiotics and eupolynucleotides, through the precise and scientific characteristic ingredients to form and interact with lactoferrin, better provide self-protection for

    In this regard, Sun Shuying, vice chairman of the Child Development Professional Committee of the China Eugenics and Eugenics Association, said that lactoferrin is known as the "first line of defense for health", and sufficient lactoferrin can improve core protection
    Yang Nianhong, vice chairman of the Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society, also said: Interpreting Zhenai milk powder is in line with the new national standard, containing the key nutritional elements emphasized by the new standard to protect the healthy growth of

    Nowadays, infant powder is also constantly iteratively updated in terms of raw milk, production process, formula ratio and content, with Junlebao and a number of other national powder enterprises jointly increasing the depth and breadth of the exploration of infant powder, through the accurate ratio of formula research and the effectiveness of clinical evidence, the results of innovation and research are fully transformed into product applications, providing strong evidence
    for China's quality to lead the world.
    (Editor Li Chuang)

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