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    "Acid soup" poisoning is caused by rice enzyme acid, the fatality rate is as high as 40-100%

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
    • Source: Internet
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    On October 5, nine people in Heilongjiang were poisoned from food poisoning at their homes, killing eight people and one still being rescued. Together, they ate homemade "acid soup", which had been frozen in the fridge for a year. Yesterday, Heilongjiang came the news: after epidemiological investigation and CDC sampling and testing, in cornmeal detected a high concentration of rice enzyme acid, at the same time in the patient's stomach fluid also detected, the initial qualitative contamination of coconut poison monocytobacteria caused by rice enzyme acid food poisoning incidents.
    , the criminal technical department of the local public security organs ruled out the possibility of artificial poisoning, after hospital testing and testing, the food aflatoxin seriously exceeded the standard, initially determined to be aflatoxin poisoning. At that time, experts pointed out that it is also possible that rice enzyme acidosis, yesterday's epidemiological investigation and CDC test results confirmed this speculation.
    Zhong Kai, director of the Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center of Kexin, said that the acute poisoning dose of aflatoxin is very large, to reach the degree of acute poisoning of aflatoxin, it is necessary to eat food with a very severe degree of mildew before it can occur, and aflatoxin content is high, there will be a clear bitter taste, general consumption is difficult to reach the degree of acute poisoning. In this incident, 9 people were poisoned 8 people died, for aflatoxin acute poisoning is unlikely.
    in Zhong Kai's view, fermented food can easily lead to rice enzyme acidosis, eating food contaminated with the toxin can cause human or animal poisoning, heavy can cause death. Rice enzyme acid is the main cause of poisoning caused by fermented cornmeal products, perishable fresh silver ears and other destogenic starch products.
    , coconut poison fake monocytobacteria enzyme rice noodle subseed food poisoning occurs in summer and autumn. Wet, rainy weather, coupled with poor storage conditions, coconut poisonous cell bacteria in a large number of food growth and reproduction, after consumption is very easy to be poisoned. Rice enzyme acid heat resistance, the general cooking method can not destroy its toxicity, but after two days of sun exposure can remove more than 94% of the toxic substances in the silver ear.
    experts said that after eating food containing rice enzyme acid, 2 to 24 hours will appear abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting (vomiting for stomach content, heavy coffee color samples), mild diarrhea, dizziness, weakness and so on. Heavy can appear yellow skin stain, liver spleen enlargement, sub-skin bleeding, vomiting blood, blood urine, less urine, confusion, irritability, convulsions, convulsions, shock, etc. , body temperature generally does not rise, the death rate as high as 40%-100%. If there is a suspected case of rice enzyme acidosis, should immediately method or drug vomiting, vomiting after oral activated carbon, and as soon as possible to the hospital treatment. Anyone who has eaten the same kind of food as the patient, whether or not they become ill, will be sent to the hospital for observation and treatment.
    experts suggest that in order to avoid rice enzyme acidosis in life, should be strictly prohibited with soaked, moldy corn to make food. Family preparation of fermented cereals to change water, maintain hygiene, to ensure that food without odor production, the best preventive measures are not made, do not eat yeast rice noodles.
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