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    Add new capabilities in the field of surveying and mapping instruments

    • Last Update: 2022-03-16
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    In addition, the main indicator of a measurement standard is its traceability, that is, the performance that can be linked to a standard device or a national standard device through a continuous comparison chain.
    Of course, accuracy, stability, sensitivity, reliability, detachment and response characteristics are also important indicators of it.


    The maintenance of measurement standards is very important.
    It ensures that the metrological characteristics of measurement standards are maintained within appropriate limits.
    For this reason, the measurement standards should be calibrated regularly, properly stored and used carefully.


    Recently, the “Theodolite and Level Verifier Verification Device” and the “Telescope Rangefinder Calibration Device” of the Zhejiang Institute of Metrology have passed the measurement standard assessment and obtained the measurement standard assessment certificate.


    The theodolite and level verifier verification device needs to be able to easily verify, test, and maintain the optical theodolite and electronic theodolite indoors, such as the error of the theodolite's horizontal angle measurement, the visual axis and vertical axis of the optical plummet.
    The axis's coaxiality error and the geometrical relationship between the collimation axis, horizontal axis and vertical axis of the theodolite telescope can be used to detect the focusing operation error of the telescope.
    In particular, it solves the detection of the error of the theodolite vertical plate angle measurement.
    It can be tested and verified in accordance with the items in the National Metrological Verification Regulations of Theodolite (JJG414-2003).


    Telescope-type rangefinder calibration device: It is reported that the telescope-type rangefinder is a measuring instrument that combines telescope optical sighting and laser pulse ranging technology to determine the long distance in space.
    The long-distance range is up to 3000 meters.
    It is mainly used in geological survey, offshore navigation, electric power and telecommunications sector measurement, engineering planning, meteorological research, fire fighting system, golf course and many other civil fields.
    The release and implementation of its specifications will effectively guide the calibration of telescope-type rangefinders, provide technical basis for the daily calibration of such instruments, and provide effective measurement basic support for administrative supervision and social development in related fields.


      About surveying and mapping instruments

      Surveying and mapping instruments are simply instruments and devices designed and manufactured for data acquisition, processing, and output for surveying and mapping operations.
    Various instruments for orientation, distance measurement, angle measurement, height measurement, mapping and photogrammetry required for surveying during the planning, design, construction, and management stages of project construction.


      (Source: Zhejiang*, Baike, Baijiahao)

      Original Title: New Capabilities in the Field of Surveying and Mapping Instruments and Measurement Zhejiang * Two Measurement Standards Obtained Evaluation Certificate
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