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    Advantages, disadvantages and applications of biological aerated filter technology

    • Last Update: 2021-06-18
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    5 Advantages and disadvantages of biological aerated filter process

    The advantages of the biological aerated filter process are as follows

    ①The load is high and the effluent quality is good

    When the volume load is about 6.

    ② Impact load resistance

    ③ Less floor space

    The area occupied by the biological aerated filter is only 1/5 to 1/10 of the conventional secondary biochemical treatment

    ④Province of investment

    The total hydraulic retention time of the BAF system is short, the required infrastructure investment is small, and the effluent quality is high; backwashing removes the shed biofilm and retentate without the need for a secondary settling tank

    ⑤Simple management and high degree of automation

    ⑥Small impact on the environment and low temperature impact

    ⑦High biological activity (short sludge age), good mass transfer conditions; high oxygenation efficiency; presence of filamentous bacteria; high biofilm concentration, complex biological phase and reasonable flora structure

    ① The amount of sludge is relatively large, and the sludge stability is poor

    For aerobic biological treatment, the higher the load, the stronger the processing capacity per unit volume, and the more organisms are produced.
    Coupled with the large amount of SS intercepted in the filter, it will undoubtedly increase the output of sludge

    ②Increase the cost of daily medicine

    In order to enable the filter to run in a longer cycle, reduce the number of backwashes, and reduce energy consumption, the filter influent must be pretreated to reduce the SS in the influent, especially when the filter is used for secondary treatment.


    Some domestic application examples of biological aerated filter are shown in Table 7-3

    Table 7-3 Some application examples of biological aerated filter in China

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