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    Affected by the improvement of the trading atmosphere, the aluminum period recovered most of the previous decline

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    On Friday, the main 1810 contract of Shanghai aluminum opened at 14755 yuan, recording a long black line, the center of gravity at the beginning of the session slightly sinking slightly lower 14650 yuan / ton, affected by the supporting role of the 5-day line and the improvement of the trading atmosphere, Shanghai aluminum briefly climbed higher and then rose along the 5-day line straight up to 14750 yuan / ton, and then the bulls reduced their positions, Shanghai aluminum high soft, at 14720 yuan / ton a narrow range of shock, the end of the session to test 14740 yuan / ton, closed at the Yang line, up 120 yuan / ton, up 0.

    Period aluminum

    In terms of external trading, Lun aluminum opened at 2070 US dollars / ton, before the afternoon of the Asian market, Lun aluminum first fell and then rose, the opening due to the market transaction light, tested 2063.
    5 US dollars / ton, supported by the 5-day line along the climb to 2079 US dollars / ton
    In the afternoon, the center of gravity of Lun aluminum sagged, down to 2069 US dollars / ton, but as the market transaction atmosphere became active, Lun aluminum gradually rose
    After entering the European trading session, Lun Aluminum hesitated slightly, and the price fell slightly with the help of a long white candle to climb to 2092 US dollars / ton, and the end of the day slightly weakened, around the 2087 US dollars / ton line up and down narrow range to sort out the price
    As of 17:50, Lun aluminum closed at $2088 / ton, up $17.
    5 / ton, or 0.

    In the spot market, aluminum was first suppressed and then rose in the month, and the end of the day was directly pumped up
    Before the price increase, the Shanghai transaction concentration was 14600~14610 yuan / ton, the discount for the month was 50~40 yuan / ton, the Wuxi transaction concentration was 14600~14610 yuan / ton, and the Hangzhou transaction concentration was 14610~14630 yuan / ton
    Before the close, the price of Shanghai Wuxi was raised to 14620~14630 yuan / ton, and the discount for the month was 70~60 yuan / ton, Hangzhou holders were reluctant to sell, and did not hear the quotation
    after the rise in aluminum.
    The performance of cargo holders was slightly reluctant to sell, the market circulation decreased from the previous day, the aluminum period rose, the enthusiasm of holders to receive goods increased, downstream enterprises stocked goods on weekends, the purchase volume increased, and the overall transaction picked up
    from the previous day.

    Overall, in the absence of more macro bearish news, the marginal impact of the Sino-US trade war weakened, and the rising cost of alumina below supported the correction of Shanghai aluminum prices, recovering most of the previous decline
    Continue to pay attention to the trend of the US dollar index and the impact of related macro dynamics

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