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    After the results of the national harvest were announced, the changes in the field of chinese medicine circulation emerged

    • Last Update: 2020-11-20
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      "Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis" recently, in the third batch of national selection results announced, the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Exchange immediately announced the Shanghai area distribution enterprises list.
    From the list, in addition to Beijing Jingfeng Pharmaceutical Metformin and Hangzhou Connbe's non-nastamine tablets from Shanghai Kyushua and Shanghai Merro Pharmaceuticals distribution, the Chinese medicine, medicine package all the remaining drug distribution rights, about 96% of the total.
    according to the reported amount, China National Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, Kyusju Tong and Merro will undertake about 70 million yuan, 120 million yuan, 2.36 million yuan and 5.7 million yuan of drug distribution tasks, respectively.
    , the industry believes that the domestic circulation sector has under changed dramaticly, the concentration of the industry is rapidly increasing.
    understand that the drug distribution industry is an important part of the national medical and health services and health industry, is related to people's health and life safety of important industries.
    past, China's pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, retail enterprises present a large number of low concentration of the status quo, but in recent years, the concentration of enterprises is looking at foreign countries, in the stage of further strengthening.
    (About 35 U.S. drug wholesale enterprises, the top three drug circulation enterprises concentration of up to 96%; while China's about 13,000, the top four enterprises only about 39%) in fact, in recent years by the "two-vote system" to combat tax-related illegal escalation, as well as capital entry and other factors, circulation enterprises closed down, mergers and acquisitions and other actions.
    , especially after the national procurement to promote drug prices to break through the floor price, the concentration of domestic circulation industry has entered the accelerated realization stage.
    Industry insiders pointed out that the price of national medicine, such a one-fold, two-fold price, can be used in the middle link of the profit has been almost squeezed out, on the basis of the change in marketing model, to China National Pharmaceutical Holdings, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, China Resources Pharmaceuticals, Kyushua Tong 4 national leaders as the core, coupled with the local leader of the "4 plus X" pattern is forming.
    , the elimination of small and medium-sized circulation enterprises is also entering a substantive stage.
    , at least 10,000 wholesale drug companies will be eliminated in the future, according to the previous national reforms.
    In addition, it is worth noting that under the cross-border competition of logistics giants such as, Shunfeng and Postal Services, the efficiency of pharmaceutical distribution will be greatly improved, and the market challenges faced by traditional circulation giants such as Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and China Resources will gradually escalate.
    in order to meet the challenge, it is clear over the years that enterprises such as State Medicine, Medicine, China Resources, Kyusju Tong are stepping up their efforts to run the horse circle and expand their sphere of influence.
    , for example, China Resources Pharmaceuticals has 178 logistics centers, strategically covering 28 provinces and more than 850 pharmacy chains.
    by early 2020, Kyusjutong's marketing network had covered most of China's administrative regions, forming a national network, and had 1,132 retail pharmacies (including franchisees) nationwide.
    Overall, with the continuous expansion of the volume of procurement varieties, pharmaceutical business giants will take more varieties, a number of small and medium-sized commercial companies of the original business was squeezed, in the long run, the concentration of the pharmaceutical circulation market will gradually increase.
    the future will show the steady growth of the industry, mergers and acquisitions accelerated, industry concentration increased, logistics services scale, standardization and professional development, pharmaceutical e-commerce multi-faceted development, retail pharmacy transformation and upgrading and so on.
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