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    Aiming at the 100 billion monoclonal antibody market, there is huge room for the development of domestic equipment

    • Last Update: 2022-06-16
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      [ Market analysis of chemical machinery equipment network ] Monoclonal antibody drugs are referred to as monoclonal antibodies, which have the advantages of high targeting, small side effects, and obvious curative effects.
    At present, they are widely used in tumors and immune diseases.
    In the past two years, the monoclonal antibody industry has developed rapidly, bringing opportunities and challenges to the upstream equipment market.
    Since most of the equipment relies on imports, there is huge room for domestic substitution.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network market analysis chemical machinery and equipment
      Monoclonal antibody market demand continues to grow
      Monoclonal antibody market demand continues to grow

      According to the "2020-2024 China Monoclonal Antibody Drug Market Feasibility Study Report" released by the Xinsijie Industrial Research Center, the current single antibody drug market accounts for about 65% of the entire biopharmaceutical market, and it has become an important biopharmaceutical market.
    made of.


      From the perspective of industry development prospects, in the context of improved medical standards, monoclonal antibody drug research and development, and increased penetration, the market demand for monoclonal antibody drugs will continue to grow.
    It is expected that the market size will reach more than 230 billion US dollars by 2023.


      In the domestic market, with the improvement of my country's medical level and the expansion of medical insurance coverage, the market size of my country's monoclonal antibody drugs is expected to be about 27 billion yuan in 2019, and the size of China's monoclonal antibody market will grow to 156.
    5 billion yuan by 2023.
    , The industry has broad prospects for development.


      Huge room for imported replacement of domestic equipment
      Huge room for imported replacement of domestic equipment

      Facing the booming monoclonal antibody industry, the upstream equipment market will also face opportunities and challenges.
    The industry pointed out that for the production of biological drugs including monoclonal antibodies, the larger the scale, the more stable the quality and the lower the cost.
    This also means that it will pose challenges to the production capacity of monoclonal antibody production equipment.


      Some pharmaceutical companies have stated that their monoclonal antibody production lines have chosen to use traditional stainless steel production equipment instead of the current prevalent disposable production equipment.
    The main reason is that there is no domestic enterprise that can achieve such large-scale production.
    The disposable production equipment has cost advantages and convenience in small and medium-sized production.
    The company believes that it will not* use disposable production equipment for more than 5000 liters.


      In terms of the production and packaging of various sterile products such as monoclonal antibodies, the prefilled needle technology is expected to become a trend.
    It is understood that the advantages of this technology include two points: one is easy to use and fast injection efficiency; the other is that it can avoid contamination and dullness of the needle tip caused by puncturing the rubber during the liquid dispensing process, and it produces less medical waste.
    With the rapid development of the monoclonal antibody industry, the industry is expected to bring good opportunities to the pre-filling equipment industry.


      It is worth noting that the equipment used in the domestic monoclonal antibody industry is almost entirely dependent on imports.
    It can be seen that there is huge room for imported substitution of domestic monoclonal antibody equipment.
    In this regard, domestic equipment companies urgently need to target this field to open up new markets.


      At the 2020 Shanghai Bio-Fermentation Exhibition a few days ago, some domestic bio-equipment suppliers expressed their determination, "Our goal for ourselves is to gradually replace imported products with our domestic equipment in 5-10 years.


      The industry believes that domestic monoclonal antibody equipment companies need to explore from several aspects.
    One is mass customization production.
    Facing the huge challenges of production efficiency, profitability, and individualized needs, efficient, flexible, and mass-customized production methods will become an effective way for companies to meet the diverse needs of different types of users.


      The second is quality improvement.
    The core of the
    pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industry is to provide downstream pharmaceutical companies with high-quality products.
    Therefore, the high level of equipment quality is the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical machinery companies.

    Pharmaceutical equipment
      The third is to reduce costs.
    Taking into account the rising R&D costs and labor costs, how pharmaceutical companies control costs has become the key.
    The industry believes that digitization and intelligence will become a means for pharmaceutical companies to effectively reduce costs and help them achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction.


      Original title: Aiming at the 100 billion monoclonal antibody market, there is huge room for the development of domestic equipment
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