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    Akzo Nobel's innovative coating process solutions

    • Last Update: 2021-07-21
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    At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show that just kicked off recently, in addition to exhibiting innovative black technologies through this event in the science and technology industry, consumer electronics manufacturers have also continued to create new heights in their appearance design and aesthetics, and become a market.
    One of the highlights of the chase


      In order to better help customers capture these trends and consumer preferences, Akzo Nobel develops customized full-process coating process solutions for customers in advance for the color, effect and texture design of the product appearance
    Taking the current gradient colors popular in consumer electronics terminal products as an example, Akzo Nobel uses its expertise in industrial design and color trends to launch a gradient color coating system to make mobile phone shells with more gorgeous and high-quality appearance designs that are favored by consumers .
    Its technology uses nano-grade color paste, with small particle size and high degree of fusion, which can present a delicate, high-transparent and colorful appearance, presenting a more modern design beauty to customers and consumers .
    In addition, the gradient color coating system can be applied to other household appliances, IT electronic products, and even automobiles and other fields in addition to mobile phone terminal products .
    “Customers in the consumer electronics field are gradually increasing their investment in design, which also brings more opportunities for Akzo Nobel,” said Tao Quan, Akzo Nobel’s director of global consumer electronics business: “We are well aware of the changes in market trends and take the lead.
    The market’s advanced coating technology solutions transform their needs into colors, effects, and textures that serve future products, helping consumer electronic product designs to continue to upgrade, and creating value and experience beyond expectations for customers and consumers
    At the same time In recent years, the 3D curved surface imitation glass cover, which has been widely used by mobile phone manufacturers, also poses a challenge to customers in the production process .
    To this end, Akzo Nobel has introduced an advanced 3D hot-bending coating process, which can achieve high-yield and high-efficiency spraying effects on the back of a mobile phone with a curvature, and provide customers with a higher quality vision in the changeable appearance design.





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