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    Almost 24 hours a day, Ford uses mobile robots to operate 3D printers

    • Last Update: 2022-04-30
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    At Ford's Advanced Manufacturing Center, Javier the robot can operate a 3D printer on its own -- he's never late, his movements are very precise, and he works most of the day -- just taking short breaks to recharge
    Robot Javier is an autonomous mobile robot developed and manufactured by KUKA that operates a 3D Carbon printer instead of a stationary device

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    “This new process has the potential to change the way we use robots in our manufacturing facilities,
    ” said Jason Ryska, director of global manufacturing technology development.
    The manufacturer simplifies equipment and enables flexible assembly


    Ford says the robot's Javier is extremely accurate, and using its feedback can significantly reduce errors
    In addition to operating 3D printers, the method could be applied to the vast array of robots Ford already has on the job to improve efficiency and reduce costs
    At present, Ford has applied for a number of patents related to the overall workflow, communication structure and precise positioning of the robot
    Remarkably, the robot doesn't even need to use a camera vision system to "see.


    Often, different devices from different vendors cannot interact due to inconsistent communication interfaces
    Ford has developed an application programming interface program that allows different devices to "speak the same language" and continuously send feedback to each other
    For example, the 3D Carbon printer tells the KUKA mobile robot when the printed product is done, and the robot then lets the printer know that the robot has arrived and is ready to receive it
    This innovative communication method makes the whole process possible


    At present, the robot Javier can still operate its 3D printer at night after Ford employees leave work
    This not only increases throughput, but also reduces the cost of custom 3D printed products
    Ford has used the printer to make low-volume custom parts, such as the brake-line brackets fitted with the Mustang Shelby® GT500 performance kit


    Although the entire operation is fully automated, Ford's operators are still responsible for uploading the 3D design to the printer, maintaining the machine, and developing new ways to use the technology
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