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    Aluminum prices continue to fluctuate at a low level, and long and short trading is cautious

    • Last Update: 2022-12-13
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    On Tuesday, base metals generally fell, indicating that aluminum prices continued to fluctuate at low levels, and long and short trading was cautious
    Among them, Shanghai aluminum was weak and volatile, trading at 14075-14215 yuan / ton during the day, and closing at 14085 yuan / ton at the end of the day, down 0.
    on the day.
    In terms of external trading, as of 15:22 Beijing time, the three-month Lun aluminum was reported at 1984 US dollars / ton, up 0.
    28% on the day, and the upper pressure level was concerned about 2000 US dollars / ton

    Aluminum prices

    In terms of the market, the spot price of Shanghai aluminum was concentrated in 14020-14030 yuan / ton, the discount of the month was 60-50 yuan / ton, the transaction concentration of Wuxi was 14020-14030 yuan / ton, and the transaction concentration of Hangzhou was 14050-14070 yuan / ton
    The intraday circulation is more sufficient, traders often ship actively for long orders at the end of the month, while the spot transaction price is slightly lower than the previous day, the downstream price is more recognized, the willingness to receive goods has improved, and the overall transaction is more active

    On the news, the Asian dollar index fluctuated widely, now trading around 96.
    719, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel will no longer seek re-election, and the current Brexit negotiations have not made any progress, resulting in European currencies still weakening to boost the dollar

    In terms of industry, in September 2018, China's automotive aluminum alloy wheel exports amounted to US$411 million, a year-on-year increase of 13.
    2%, and the export weight was 86,100 tons, an increase of 4.
    From January to September 2018, the export value of China's automotive aluminum alloy wheels was 3.
    519 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.
    9% year-on-year; The export weight was 727,800 tons, an increase of 5.

    During the day, Shanghai aluminum fluctuated weakly, as the US dollar index continued to fluctuate at a high level, and base metal prices generally fell
    In terms of the spot market, the intraday spot transaction price was slightly lower than the previous day, the downstream price was more recognized, the willingness to receive goods was improved, and the overall transaction was more active
    On the technical side, the MACD indicator crosses at a low level, but the short selling pressure above the futures price is still large, and the short-term may maintain a volatile pattern
    Operationally, it is recommended that the Shanghai aluminum 1812 contract sell high and low between 14000-14300 yuan / ton, and the stop loss refers to 100 yuan / ton

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