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    Alzheimer's vaccine may come out

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    The cause of the disease has been debated for many yearsIn recent years, many kinds of drugs based on amyloid hypothesis have been defeated in clinical trialsAD research began to turn to other hypotheses, among which tau protein hypothesis has attracted more and more attention from the field of AD drug research and development around the worldThe < br / > tau hypothesis suggests that ad is caused by the slow movement of brain cells related to tau proteinSpecifically, neurofibrillary tangles (NFT), a collection of saturated tau proteins, are important markers of Alzheimer's disease< br / > in a newly published study, researchers at the University of New Mexico (UNM) brought new hopeThe researchers detailed the development of a vaccineThe vaccine may not only prevent tau tangles, but also memory problems related to tau tangles, so that Alzheimer's can be "immunized"Relevant contents have been published in npj vaccines< br / > < br / > the vaccine was modified by virus like particles (VLP)Mice with the same symptoms as human Alzheimer's disease after gene editing were used as test objectsAfter vaccination, it was observed that the mice produced antibodies to eliminate tau protein, which could last for several months in the brain of miceMaphis and Kiran Bhaskar, associate professors of the Department of molecular genetics and microbiology of the UN m, also found that the mice vaccinated not only performed better in the maze test than those not vaccinated, but also showed less brain atrophy and less tangles in cortex and hippocampus in MRI scan, It's the areas of the brain that are damaged by Alzheimer's disease that are relieved< br / > < br / > although the vaccine has passed the mouse experiment and achieved success, it is not known when the human clinical trial can be carried outAt present, researchers are seeking sponsorship to commercialize vaccines for long-term development< br / > Maria CCarrillo, chief scientific officer of the Alzheimer's Association, praised the study, saying: "any science that offers hope for Alzheimer's and other dementia is a blessing for millions of people who face it today and in the future." < br / > reference materials: < br / > [1] researchers have long dreamed of an Alzheimer's vaccine Now it may finally be within reach
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