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    American scientists have found real bone stem cells in the human body.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-08
    • Source: Internet
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    Scientists have been searching for a human stem cell that can reliably develop into bones, cartilage, and so on for a decade, and now American scientists have finally found it in the human body, science magazine reported.
    studies have shown that these stem cells can be induced by fat discarded after liposuction, suggesting that they are rich in sources and lay the foundation for future research and treatment of fractures, osteoporosis, and more.
    's latest study, led by a team led by Michael Longjak of Stanford University, has previously found bone stem cells in mice.
    2015, long-time team studied interstitial stem cells in "rainbow mice" (genetically engineered mice with different colors in their bodies, which researchers can use to accurately track which stem cells produce bone-forming cells) and identified the genes in those cells, revealing the genetic characteristics of mouse bone stem cells.
    but it's not easy to repeat the process in the human body," "because there's no 'rainbow man'."
    the team took a different approach, using human fetal bones, where they looked for cells with genetic characteristics similar to those of mouse bone stem cells, from which cells could reliably form new bones and cartilage in laboratory dishes. to confirm that the cells do have the properties of bone stem cells,
    studied adult bone fragments, found iconic cells and bred them in petri dishes, resulting in the formation of new bones and cartilage.
    important, these cells don't become fat, muscle or anything else. "These are real bone stem cells, "
    Longjak said.
    " and the researchers isolated the matrix cells in lipolates and cultured them in a petri dish with bone growth factor proteins, creating bone stem cells. "Every year half a million Americans suck their own fat out and dispose of it as medical waste, which is the material we can use to generate bone stem cells,"
    Longjak said. "Although it will be a few years away from actual application, Longjak believes these cells will be used to replace damaged bone and joint tissue, or to treat degenerative bone diseases such as osteoporosis,"
    Source: Science Daily.
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