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    An analysis of the automatic boxing machine's daily maintenance of several precautions

    • Last Update: 2020-11-16
    • Source: Internet
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    Automatic boxing machine refers to the medicine bottle, plate, ointment and other instructions automatically loaded into the folding carton, and complete the box action, some of the more fully functional automatic boxing machine also comes with seal label or heat shrink wrap and other additional functions.
    Below a brief introduction to the automatic boxing machine's daily maintenance and maintenance of the precautions, as follows: (1) safety to comply with safety operating procedures, not overload use of equipment, equipment safety protection device complete and reliable, timely elimination of unsafe factors.
    For example: the power supply is cut off within 5 minutes of non-contact inverter, because it will also have a fairly high residual voltage, to wait a few minutes before release;
    (2) lubrication good on time refueling or oil change, constant oil, no dry mo phenomenon.
    should refuel before driving.
    , where there is re-movement, add oil, twice a day, 5-6 drops at a time.
    the two sides of the folding machine with the rotating part of the bearing, add butter once a month.
    the tongue-in-cheek rail slide, add butter once a week.
    (3) neat tools, accessories, work items (products) to be placed neatly, pipes, lines to be organized; The detection surface of the photoelectectectural switch and the proximity switch must not be foreign or polluted, otherwise it will produce incorrect action.
    detection distance adjustment is appropriate, the bracket remains fastened, must not be loose, so as not to break the mechanical operation;
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