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    Analysis of the advantages of ganlu polysaccharide film concentration technology

    • Last Update: 2020-11-20
    • Source: Internet
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    The core technology of glyceride membrane concentration is membrane separation technology, separation film is a material with selective separation function, the working principle is the principle of physical mechanical screening, the separation process is the use of membrane selective separation mechanism to achieve the separation between different components of the material or the process of concentration of active ingredients.
    The sugar industry can provide cost-controlled industrial processes for the purification of the sugar industry, such as: chrysanthemum powder, GOS low poly lactose, FOS polyfructose, white sugar, starch sugar, beet sugar, seaweed sugar, raw sugar, sugar cane sugar, liquid sucrose and so on.
    Metallurgical industry non-ferrous wet metallurgical process waste liquid waste water energy-saving treatment technology, seeking to crack the non-ferrous metal metallurgical enterprises to develop environmental protection problems (the metallurgical industry waste liquid waste treatment) method, to help metallurgical enterprises towards energy conservation, environmental protection and resource-based direction of healthy development.
    food and beverage industry, the application of technology soy peptide clarification filtration, soybean protein separation and concentration, soybean isoflavone separation, soybean lecithin refining, soybean polysaccharide extraction process.
    biofermentation and pharmaceutical industry, a variety of separation materials, equipment and fluid separation technology research, biopharmaceutical field mainly used in the field of technical medicine intermediate desalination, fermentation process, Chinese medicine clarification, antibiotic concentration and so on.
    the advantages of glyceride polysaccharide film enrichment technology: 1, no pollution, no residue.
    2, the filtration process only uses pressure as the driving force of membrane separation, the separation device is simple, easy to operate, and the process parameters are easy to control.
    3, the process is simplified, the process is short, the production cycle is shortened.
    3, membrane process does not change phase, no heating, save energy consumption.
    4, filtration accuracy is very high, filter clarity is high, impurity content is low.
    the ingredients of the original formula and increase the content of active ingredients.
    the performance of glycosaccharide film enrichment equipment factors, pressure and flow filtration process only when the working pressure reached a certain degree, in order to make the small molecules in the liquid membrane separation.
    working pressure hours, the output of filter fluid is small, can not meet the normal production.
    And when the working pressure is too great, there is a certain damage to the concentrated separation film, and will increase the thickness of the polarization layer, offset the growth effect of the boost, but also will be deposited on the film deposition layer lamination, difficult to be washed, affecting the filtration effect, in addition, each membrane has its pressure resistance range, should be used in this range.
    , the pre-treatment of the extract is an indispensable process of membrane filtration, which is particularly important for Chinese medicine.
    plant extract more impurities, different sizes, will block the membrane hole.
    , the temperature of the extract can partially overcome the force between molecules, reduce viscosity.
    also affects the working performance of membrane separation equipment and increases permeability.
    Letrade according to the processing requirements of the equipment to customize cost-effective process package, the entire equipment to conduct a comprehensive analysis and reasonable design, so that the equipment design, manufacturing, production, monitoring of the process links to be effectively controlled, in order to achieve the economic performance of the entire process package and technical advantages of the dual combination, so as to provide customers with both professional and perfect fluid separation purification process package design.
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