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    Analysis of the anti-adhesion problem of water-resistant paint

    • Last Update: 2020-11-21
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    Anti-adhesion is one of the more important performances of water-resistant wood lacquer in construction applications. It greatly affects the construction efficiency of water-based paint users, and may also cause damage due to insufficient performance.
    is the ability to resist adhesion
    to other surfaces and surface changes after long-term pressure on the surface of the anti-adhesive
    Water-based resin, especially water-based acrylic resin has the characteristics of "hot sticky cold brittle", temperature increase will lead to soft paint film, so that the two pressed together paint film to produce adhesion, the beginning may lead to paint film breakage or surface changes.
    the importance of anti-adhesion
    anti-adhesive adhesion is one of the more important properties of water-resistant wood in lacquer application. It has a great impact on coating production:
    , limited by production space and other factors, better initial anti-adhesion performance can effectively improve the capacity of factory work parts.
    , for the work parts that need to be painted, a better initial anti-adhesive connection can effectively improve the coating efficiency.
    , the finished product in the transport and subsequent use of the process of adhesion damage, may cause damage.
    test standard
    is based on the test method of
    GB/T 23982-2009
    wood coating anti-adhesion determination method.
    conditions set out in the standard are as follows:
    test plate area
    150mm x 70mm
    two or agreed processes
    dying time

    experimental temperature
    from the above parameters, the test mainly tests the anti-adhesion after the actual application is much more complex.
    Taking into account real-world productivity needs, the anti-adhesion properties of initial (e.g.
    ) are also required by coating applications

    Antant adhesion factors
    the factors affecting anti-adhesion can be summarized from the following aspects: product characteristics, dryness, external factors
    , product characteristics:
    Generally speaking,
    higher resin anti-adhesion will be better. But this is not absolute, resin hardness, adhesion, cohesion, etc. will have a more obvious impact on adhesion.
    Due to internal cross-linking, general thermosolytic coatings are better than thermoplastic coatings anti-adhesion properties, such as two-group polyurethane coatings, photo-curing coatings, baking coatings and so on.
    addition, nuclear shell structure, self-connection and other technologies, plus coupled agents, etc., can also improve the anti-adhesion properties of resin to a certain extent.
    , drying degree:
    process of coatings is the process of curing or hardening. All aspects that can have an impact on the degree of dryness will have an impact on the fight against adhesion.
    such as the drying time of the paint film, the drying speed, the temperature and humidity of the drying process, the thickness of the paint film, the solvent in the formulation, etc.
    , external factors:
    external factors are mainly reflected in the test conditions during testing, such as test substrate, coating process (thickness), test plate area, stacking pressure, test temperature, test humidity, test length, etc.
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