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    Analysis of the domestic PVC market this week (2.20-2.24)

    • Last Update: 2022-12-04
    • Source: Internet
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    According to the monitoring data of the cable network, this week, the spot price performance of the PVC market closed slightly lower
    The average price of PVC spot at the beginning of the week was 6520 yuan / ton, and the weekend price was 6470 yuan / ton, down 50 yuan / ton, down 0.

    This week's merchant shipments are light, the overall market atmosphere is weak, the transaction situation is not ideal, and the trading atmosphere is lower than last week


    The reasons for the decline in PVC market prices this week are as follows:

    On the macro front, this week, the minutes of the US FOMC meeting hinted that a rate hike would come "quite soon", but the dollar was still weak first, and expectations of a March rate hike were still not high
    Domestically, in January 2017, Chinese domestic investors made non-financial direct investments in 983 overseas enterprises in 108 countries and regions around the world, achieving a cumulative investment of 53.
    27 billion yuan (equivalent to 7.
    73 billion US dollars), down 35.
    Compared to December 2016, this decreased slightly by 4.
    At present, the price of PVC market is not supported by rising factors, and PVC fundamentals have fallen

    In the upstream market, calcium carbide companies actively shipped mainly this week, but due to unstable transportation, some companies have high inventory pressure, and price reduction promotions have appeared
    With the repeated low prices, calcium carbide enterprises have increased their losses
    Factory price of calcium carbide in various places: 2300-2450 yuan / ton in Wuhai and Ordos areas of Inner Mongolia; Ningxia Shizuishan area 2350-2450 yuan / ton, Ningxia Zhongwei area 2450-2500 yuan / ton; Shaanxi factory 2400-2480 yuan / ton; Gansu area 2500-2600 yuan / ton

    Spot market: this week's domestic PVC market fluctuated and sorted, calcium carbide PVC mainstream quotation in East China 6330-6430 yuan / ton, down 320 yuan / ton; The mainstream quotation in South China was 6430-6510 yuan / ton, down 285 yuan / ton; The mainstream quotation in North China was 6200-6250 yuan / ton, down 250 yuan / ton
    The mainstream quotation of ethylene PVC in East China was 7100-7200 yuan / ton, down 25 yuan / ton; The mainstream quotation in South China is 7100-7250 yuan / ton, unchanged; The mainstream quotation in North China was 6900-7050 yuan / ton, down 25 yuan / ton

    Future market forecast: This week, the PVC physical market trend is volatile and falling
    Overall, the current PVC market is still facing greater downward pressure under the influence of various factors such as high inventory, volatile pullback in the commodity market, and slow recovery of downstream starts.

    In terms of ethylene PVC, manufacturers have a strong willingness to raise prices, and the market transaction center is
    In the short term
    , the PVC market will be mainly sideways.
    It is expected that the domestic PVC market will not improve
    next week.

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