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    Analysis of the rate of fermentation and the causes of fermented dye bacteria

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    After fermentation and dyeing bacteria, we must find out the cause of the bacteria, in order to sum up the experience of prevention and control of fermentation-infected bacteria, and actively take the necessary purpose to eliminate the bacteria before the occurrenceThere are many causes of fermentation and dye bacteria, and often vary from factory to factory, but equipment leakage, air purification can not meet the requirements, seed bacteria, culture medium sterilization is not thorough and technical mismanagement is the common cause of pollution of the factories, fermentation and dyeing rate(1) total bacteria-infected rate: refers to the ratio of batch and total batch of batch of fermented bacteria within one year multiplied by 100 percent(2) equipment infection rate: statistics fermentation tank or other equipment infection rate, is conducive to finding the cause of contamination caused by equipment defects(3) the rate of fermentation of different varieties: statistics of different varieties of fermentation of the bacteria rate, help to find the cause of different varieties of fermentation dye bacteria(4) the rate of contamination in different fermentation stages: the whole fermentation cycle is divided into three stages, the pre-stage, medium-term and late stages, respectively, to count the rate of infectionHelps find the cause of the bacteria infection(5) season infection rate: statistics of different seasons of the rate of infection, can take appropriate measures to subdue the bacteria(6) operation of the sterilizing rate: statistical operator's dyeing rate, on the one hand can analyze the cause of the contamination, on the other hand can assess the operator's sterilization operation technology level, the cause of the contamination,(i) the bacteria type analysisfor each fermentation process, the influence of the contaminated bacteria species is differentFor example, in the fermentation process of antibiotics, the fermentation pollution of penicillin is more harmful than the bacteria, the fermentation pollution of streptomycin is more harmful, the fermentation of streptomycin pollution is more harmful than the bacteria bacteria, the fermentation process of tetracycline is most afraid of pollution of pycocci, Bacillus spores and phenobacteria; Because the phage spread rapidly, difficult to prevent and control, easy to cause continuous pollutionIf the contaminated bacteria are heat-resistant Bacillus spores, may be due to the media or equipment sterilization is not thorough, equipment is dead, etccaused, if the pollution is cocci, no Spore bacteria and other non-heat-resistant bacteria, may be due to seed bacteria, low air filtration efficiency, sterilization Incomplete, equipment leakage and operating problems caused by dry-uppollution is a fungus, may be due to equipment or cooling coil leakage, sterile chamber sterilization is not thorough or sterile operation ignored, sugar liquid sterilization is not thorough (especially sugar liquid placement time is longer) and caused (ii) the scale of the fermentation of bacteria analysis from the scale of the bacteria, there are three main (1) large batch fermentation tank dye bacteria If occurs in the pre-fermentation period, but the seed bacteria or the equipment caused by the infection, if the bacteria occurred in the middle and later of fermentation, and these bacteria type is the same, then generally the air purification system, such as the air system structure is unreasonable, air filter media failure and other issues (2) partial fermentation tank dye bacteria If the dye takes place in the pre-fermentation stage, it may be seed dye bacteria, even the sterilization system is not thorough, if it is late fermentation dye bacteria, it may be intermediate supplement inge bacteria, such as rehydration liquid tape bacteria, filling tube leakage (3) individual fermentation tanks for continuous bacterial contamination (at this time if the use of intermittent sterilization process, generally will not occur continuous contamination) Individual fermentation tanks continuous lying bacteria, mostly due to equipment leakage caused by the valve, tank, or tank cleaning General equipment leakage caused by the infection, will appear in each batch of bacteria infection time forward phenomenon (iii) analysis of different pollution time from the time of infection, but also three cases (1) the infection occurs during the seed culture stage, or seed culture medium dye bacteria This is usually caused by seed-belt bacteria, media or equipment sterilization is not thorough, as well as improper inoculation operation or equipment factors and other reasons caused by the contamination of bacteria (2) in the initial stage of the fermentation process, or pre-fermentation bacteria At this time, most of the bacteria are also caused by seed bacteria, media or equipment sterilization is not thorough, as well as improper inoculation or equipment factors, sterile air belt bacteria and other reasons (3) late fermentation bacteria are mostly caused by air filtration is not complete, intermediate feed dye, equipment leakage, foam top cover and operating problems caused by the bacteria
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