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    Analyze the long-term impact of new coronary pneumonia | "Nature" paper

    • Last Update: 2021-05-09
    • Source: Internet
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    A study published by "Nature", High-dimensional characterization of post-acute sequalae of COVID-19, pointed out that the new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19) is more severe at the beginning of the disease, and the risk of long-term complications is increased, as well as the use of health care resources.

    This study detailed the symptoms of more than 87,000 people in the United States after recovering from the acute phase of new coronary pneumonia for up to six months, and may help the development of nursing strategies and health system planning.

    We have basically grasped the characteristics of the acute symptoms of new coronary pneumonia, but we know very little about the long-term complications after the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) infection.

    In this study, Ziyad Al-Aly of the Missouri Veterans Health Care System and colleagues used data from the U.
    Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Care Database to analyze 73,435 unhospitalized patients and 13,654 inpatients from the acute stage of new coronary pneumonia.
    Diagnosis, medication and test results up to 6 months after recovery.

    The author compared the outcomes of patients with new coronary pneumonia who were not hospitalized, hospitalized, and admitted to the intensive care unit after hospitalization, and found an increasing risk gradient: the most severely ill people are also at higher risk of other COVID-related health problems in the later stages.

    The study also found that after the first 30 days of onset, all patients with new coronary pneumonia have an increased risk of death, and it is easier to seek medical assistance for other problems than the nearly 5 million people who were not infected with new coronary pneumonia or hospitalized in the Veterans Health Management Center.

    These problems include respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, mental health problems, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, fatigue, fatigue, musculoskeletal pain and anemia.

    Patients who experience long-term symptoms will also experience an increase in the use of various drugs, including antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and pain relief drugs.

    The authors pointed out that although their research has clarified the symptoms that patients experience after contracting new coronary pneumonia, they cannot determine whether these symptoms are direct or indirect effects of new coronary pneumonia.

    Symptoms for up to six months after every 1,000 people recover from the acute phase of new coronary pneumonia.

    Source: Al-Aly et al.
    ©Nature Nature | doi: 10.
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