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    Ancient marine life tells historical scientific instruments to help biological research

    • Last Update: 2022-06-23
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      [ Focus on Chemical Machinery and Equipment Network ] While the passage of time allows life to evolve, it also leaves traces on the planet we live in.
    As a product of biological evolution, human curiosity allows us to continue to accurately hide in the traces of history.
    The truth in.
    In this process, humans have also explored the secrets of creatures long ago from these traces.

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      It is understood that in mid-August this year, scholars from China and Britain jointly published a paper stating that they had newly discovered more than 80 kinds of ancient marine fossils in the fossil group of Jiwozhai reef.
    In a recent report in the Science and Technology Daily, this matter was further promoted.
    It was mentioned that these ancient marine creatures were of great value for the study of early marine ecology and the evolutionary history of marine creatures in long history; for the ocean Geological research and strengthening the research on the development, genesis and distribution of China's biological reefs have important scientific significance.


      In fact, this is not the first time that humans have discovered biological ecology in ancient times from biological fossils.
    Objectively speaking, scientific research is inherently closely related.
    Historical exploration and biological research have never been contradictory.
    In many cases, biological fossils discovered by archaeology can provide important theoretical support for biological research.
    At the same time, biological research Research can also provide new ideas and directions for archaeology, geology, and materials science.


      As for biological research, it is also a very complicated subject.
    Although in the traditional concept, fossils do not have the six basic characteristics of organisms, that is, "have a common material and structural basis", "have the role of metabolism," "stressful", "have the phenomenon of growth and reproduction," and "ability".
    Adapting to a certain environment can also change the environment "with the characteristics of heredity and mutation.
    " However, it is closely related to living things.
    In many living fossils, there are even the laws of evolution and genetic code of certain living things.
    Therefore, objectively speaking, the research of fossils can be gradually extended to biological research.


      But whether it is biological research or other related research, the role of scientific instruments in it cannot be ignored.
    Based on the "material basis and structural basis" we mentioned earlier, one of the basic elements of biology is the "material basis and structural basis", so related research naturally cannot avoid studying this.
    What is the material basis, in short, is protein and nucleic acid; what is the structural basis, in short, is the cell.
    Both cells, proteins, and nucleic acids are invisible to the naked eye, so if you don't have equipment, you can't do research in this area.


      As for the instruments in this area, there is a microscope that is easy to understand.
    As one of the important instruments that open the door for people to explore the microscopic world, microscopes have developed to today and have come in various types, and the techniques and working principles they use are also different, but the point is that with the help of them, people are You can observe the composition of cells, observe the movement of cells, and explore the movement of biological life in smaller units.


      The relatively complicated instrument is a PCR amplification machine.
    With the help of a PCR amplification instrument, people can understand nucleic acids more clearly and discover some magical information from them, which may have more important value for studying the development history and evolution of organisms.


      Original title: Ancient marine life tells historical scientific instruments to help biological research
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