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    Anhui Hengyuan - environmentally friendly solid epoxy resin industry benchmark.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-27
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    With the deployment of all aspects of the blue sky defense war, pay attention to environmental protection, promote the harmonious development of people and nature has become a business philosophy and social responsibility in all walks of life. Dealing with the coordination and unity of economy and environment is a great event for the good of the country and the people, and also a great driving force for the sustainable development of the economy. In recent years, China's paint industry has also entered the "environmental protection to promote the transformation, green for development" of the important transition period

    understood that China's paint industry related enterprises have a large base, more dispersed, in environmental protection, there is a high difficulty factor, pollution emissions outstanding and other issues. Resin as the basic raw materials of coatings, technical standards and environmental requirements in the entire industry are incomparable, which has a very significant impact on the production of resin enterprises, only always keep in mind the protection of the environment resin enterprises can create the future with practical action.
    Faced with the current situation of such an industry, Anhui Hengyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hengyuan") with an annual output of 45,000 tons of solid epoxy resin production capacity, has been committed to building domestic solid epoxy resin production of environmentally friendly leading enterprises. Hengyuan mainly engaged in epoxy resin, chemical additives production, sales and its products and technology export business, as well as epoxy resin active diluent series product development, manufacturing, sales, products are widely used in new energy wind power, high-speed rail, automotive, construction and other fields.
    Ring energy-saving development
    On May 20, 2020, Huangshan City created water-saving industrial enterprises licensing and the creation of provincial water-saving industrial enterprises to promote the Hengyuan multi-functional hall held, at the meeting of Hengyuan and other 10 municipal water-saving enterprises awarded Brand recognition, Hengyuan person in charge also said to the participants: the creation of water-saving enterprises, improve water-saving management system, with new technologies, new processes, new equipment to strengthen the recycling of water resources is the starting point of enterprises, Hengyuan will strive to create provincial water-saving enterprises, and further enhance the level of water-saving enterprises to create.
    Cosm concept
    Hengyuan and a number of Huangshan retailers and agents have established a long-term and stable cooperative relations, and always adhere to the "honesty and truth-seeking, committed to service, only satisfaction" business purposes, in order to maximize customer demand, and constantly carry out product innovation and service improvement. In addition, Hengyuan to multi-species operating characteristics and the principle of small profits and sales, so that solid epoxy resin production and marketing rate, market share in the forefront of the industry, to achieve powder coating solid epoxy resin production efficiency of the great. Hengyuan never flinched on the road of "transforming and upgrading and developing new products". Whether it is the domestic consumer market, or overseas markets, Hengyuan believes that: deep cultivation and development of a two-pronged way to create value for customers.
    , Hengyuan has 32 patents, including 14 patents for inventions, 18 for practical patents, 7 national key new products, 12 high-tech products in Anhui Province. Participated in the formulation of 7 national standards, commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led the development of 5 products of the national industry standards. And has won China's well-known trademarks, Anhui Province brand-name products title, enjoy the "Anhui Province Academician Workstation," "Postdoctoral Research Station," Anhui Province Epoxy Resin and Additive Engineering Technology Research Center" honorary title. In 2014 and 2017, basf (BASF), LangSheng and other well-known European companies launched TFS (co-participation in sustainable development) corporate social responsibility performance silver medal.
    for the long-term development of enterprises, Hengyuan was transformed into a subsidiary of Anhui Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Anhui Hengyuan Group. Looking to the future, Hengyuan will continue to promote the progress of China's new materials industry as its own responsibility, committed to high-end manufacturing, by optimizing the process, cost, customer and market layout, to create high-end industry segments. At the same time, adhere to the "team, responsibility, innovation, introspection" core values and "make the performance of chemical materials more superior" mission, close to the trend, driving the paint industry to innovation, green, environmental protection direction gradually forward, to promote Hengyuan to become a world-renowned epoxy system production enterprises.
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