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    Ann Rheu Dis: Scientists identified potential targets for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 5, 2020 /PRNewswire
    /-- In a recent study published in the international journal
    annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, scientists from the University of Manchester and other institutions found that special parts of SARS-CoV-2 may activate host immune responses, so they could be a potential target for late scientists to develop new vaccinesPicture Source: NIAID
    In the article, the researchers used new technology to analyze the overall immune response of patients with dermatitis and identified a link between lifetime exposure to coronavirus infections; iexclusiveinflammatory myopathy, a type of disease characterized by skeletal muscle inflammation, the main disease site of
    inflammation of the lungs, heart
    and skin;researchers used a new method to identify antibodies produced by the immune system's resistance to multiple types of infections, which are on average higher in patients with dermatitis than healthy individuals;three specific parts of the bat coronavirus protein that stimulate the host body's immune response are highly similar to those of human SARS-CoV-2 that induce COVID-19; researcher Janine Lamb said a comparative study of 20 dermatitis and 20 healthy individuals could reveal the host body's immune response to coronavirus infection, while also identifying new targets for developing COVID-19 vaccinesif patients with muscle inflammation who carry antibodies against TRIM33 cannot regulate
    the function of the autoimmunesystem, they will not be able to effectively limit
    microbial infections;concluding researcher Professor Ian Hampson said: 'This study provides a good example of the application of our new serum antibody analysis (SARA) technique, which can be used to track the self-proteins of microbes and antibodies targeting, but it is clear that binding antibodies to these proteins is missing later in the study( original origins: Spyridon Megremis, Thomas D J Walker, Xiaotong He, et al.
    Antibodies agains deveri-beta-theos with high-sequence identity to SARS-CoV-2 in patients with autoimmune dematomyositis , Annals of the Rheumatic Disease
    (2020) doi: 10.1136/annheumdis-2020-2175
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