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    Ann Rheum Dis: Prevalence of bone marrow edema in early and late postnatal women

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of bone marrow edema (BME) in women with early postnatal (EPP), unborn (NP) and late postnatal (LPP) female joints (SIJ) and to identify factors associated with the presence of BME in SIJThere were three groups of participants: NP (unborn), EPP (birth within 12 months) and LPP (more than 24 months of delivery)The main outcome is the presence of BME and/or structural lesions (decay, bone lesions, strong straightening and hardening) on SIJ MRIThe prevalence of BME in the EPP (33%) group was higher than NP (14%, p-0.001), but was not different from LPP (21%, p-0.071)The International Association for the Assessment of Spinal Arthritis (ASAS) of women in the EPP, NP and LPP groups was 75%, 71% and 80% positive for histaarthritis, respectivelyThe prevalence of hardening in the EPP (38%) group was similar to LPP (28%, p-0.135), but higher than NP (18%, p-0.001)Finally, despite the difference between LPP and NP (p-0.006), the prevalence of ePP (28%) is similar to that of LPP (42%) and NP (27%)The BME prevalence of SIJ in the EPP group was higher than NPThe prevalence of BME in EPP is higher than that of LPP, and BME decreases with the longer delivery timeThree-quarters of women with BME in SIJ are positive for MRI for ASAS statin arthritis, indicating that the presence of BME as the main criterion for positive diagnosis can lead to false positive resultsSIJ MRI should not be explained separately, as age, delivery time, and other factors may exceed the correlation of MRI results
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