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    Another batch of pharmacies quit! Accelerating the transformation is imminent

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network Market AnalysisIt is worth noting that in this batch of securities pharmacies, the basic reason is that enterprises actively apply for cancellation or due not apply for a replacementInternal and external pressure, drugstores have a difficult life
    the industry believes that a large number of pharmacies quit the main reason, in fact, is with the volume of procurement, DRGs payment reform, health insurance pharmacy New Deal, online prescription drugs and a series of policies to promote, so that the pharmaceutical retail market turbulenceDrugstores not only face the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, but also have to face the rising cost of regulation, the day is becoming more and more difficult, by the merger and even closure of course more and moreactually confirms thisAccording to the 2019 Blue Book on the Development of China's Pharmaceutical Market, the average number of store-serviced people in retail pharmacies fell by 6.87 percent in 2019, with many companies even seeing a decline in salesAnd even the turnover of the big chains has fallen slightlyPublic information shows that the single-minded, Yifeng pharmacy, the common people, DashanLin four chain pharmacy leader, the profit margin is only about 6%, with the traditional single drugstore, are facing increasing pressure from the marketof course, in addition to the impact of policy and market environment, traditional monotheses already exist innate deficienciesAll along, the traditional single drugstore in the professional, humanized service, fine management, sales skills, sales means, drainage capacity, standardized management, etcare relatively lacking, and due to the small volume, and suppliers of bargaining power is insufficient, but also often have higher procurement costs, insufficient profit marginandBased on all of the above, it is now caused by the pressure inside and outside the single drugstore, more and more pharmacies have to take the initiative to cancel the license decisionaccelerated the transformation into a trend
    in the face of the current situation of the pharmaceutical industry and the market environment, single drugstores are nothing, can only passively beat it? Not Industry insiders believe that at present, many single drugstore owners are just in anxiety, just self-inflicted, do not know where the road In fact, in order to survive, no more than a few roads: either change the business ideas for transformation and upgrading, or continue to do the development of the chain, or by force or hug group change business thinking A part of the single drugstore can be diversified transformation, the development of characteristic business services to attract consumers to seek a way out, for example, to carry out industry innovation, explore the big health, national medicine, "pharmacy and clinic", DTP pharmacy and other new retail business methods to do great development chain In January 2018, the 3rd edition of the Guidance on Promoting the Classification Management of Retail Pharmacies (Draft for Comments) was released, and the classification management of pharmacies will be rolled out nationwide This means that the general direction of future pharmacy development is slow disease management and community health management And chain drugstore products, if with the surrounding health management and chronic disease management integration, profitability will be far beyond the single drug management itself to borrow or hug In an industry where single-handedness tends to be extremely hard, single-body pharmacies can seek a place in the fierce competition by borrowing power (borrowing industry, using Internet platform tools, joining, etc.), holding groups (joining associations, forming a federation of single pharmacies, etc.) For example, as a single drugstore that relies on store pass-through profits, in the Internet plus become the mouth of the 2020, you can use the Internet through the pharmaceutical e-commerce, delivery of medicine door-to-door services, to seek a new way out.
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