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    Another coating company runs off, and the closure of small and medium-sized paint companies will intensify

    • Last Update: 2021-06-17
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    On August 4, the People's Court Announcement Network showed that Hainan Xingguang Green Building Coating Co.
    , Ltd.
    ran out of disputes involving private lending.
    In 2019, the closure of small and medium-sized paint companies intensified.

    By searching the keywords of "coating" and "bankruptcy documents", according to the public information statistics of the People's Court Announcement Network, China and Foreign Coatings Network has already established Jiangmen Texin Paint Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Zhejiang Zhuchao Paint Co.
    , Ltd.
    , and Hangzhou Zhuchao Paint Chain Co.
    , Ltd.
    , Kunlun Paint (Shanghai) Co.
    , Ltd.
    and many other paint companies publicly declared bankruptcy.

    Most of the companies that declare bankruptcy are in third- and fourth-tier cities and are small and medium-sized.
    Taking Jiangmen Texin Coating Co.
    , Ltd.
    as an example, through Tianyan investigation, it was found that Texin Paint is located in Zhongxin Chemical Industrial Zone, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province.
    It mainly produces and sells water-based paints, and sells acrylic varnish 32198 and acrylic paint thinner 32198 products, 2019 He was listed as a dishonest person by the People’s Court of Gaoming District, Foshan City on April 29, 2005, and issued a bankruptcy document on June 13.
    In a number of lawsuits, disputes over contracting contracts, disputes over sales contracts, and disputes over private lending have been involved.
    At present, coating companies mainly finance through bank loans, financing platforms, and private financing.
    Due to the complicated bank loan procedures and long approval time, many small and medium-sized enterprises have to retreat for development and seek second place.
    Private financing has become the majority.
    The hidden dangers of SME bankruptcy.
    In 2019, the financing environment of the coatings industry tends to be rational, and the connection between high-quality capital and high-quality enterprises is getting higher and higher.
    The production capacity expansion of high-quality coatings companies has promoted the increase in industrial concentration.
    The market channels have been conquered by big brands, grabbing more shares, and greatly reducing the living space of small and medium-sized enterprises.
    Due to continuous environmental protection policies and production safety pressure, the coating industry Entering the stock market, the overall market space is limited for expansion, and the growth rate is slowing down.
    According to the "Analysis of China's Coating Industry Economic Operation and Future Trends in 2018" released by the China Coatings Industry Association, China's coating output will reach 18.
    6 million tons in 2019, a growth rate of about 6%; the output value is expected to be about 343 billion yuan, The growth rate is about 5%, and it will maintain the momentum of slowing down and stabilizing, and stabilizing and changing.
    Coatings industry observer Zhao Zhongpeng believes that the prices of raw and auxiliary materials have generally risen, production costs have risen sharply, domestic labor prices have continued to rise, production and the market have faced more unfavorable factors, and the threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the chemical park has become higher and higher, and the industry reshuffle has intensified , Is forcing every coating company to seek greater development space and sustainable business power through reforms.

    In the future, the paint industry will focus on the competition of top brands, and the development situation of small and medium-sized paint companies will be very severe.
    Only by giving full play to the advantages of sub-sectors, creating excellent products and quality services, enhancing competitiveness, leveraging capital with differentiation, or having its own core R&D technical advantages and innovative marketing models, can we have the opportunity to break through the barriers.

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