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Another well-known pharmaceutical companies, into the Internet medical

  • Last Update: 2020-07-15
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Pharmaceutical Network Corporate NewsRecently, Hanyu Pharmaceuticals announced a strategic cooperation with Micromedicine Group, the two sides will jointly focus on the prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases, and jointly promote digital medical innovation, so that more doctors and patients benefitit is understood that the cooperation will explore through the micro-medical platform to establish a health zone for chronic diseases in the relevant therapeutic areas, the use of online consultation, electronic prescription, drug distribution and other means, for patients online medical consultation and health education services, open the Internet diagnosis and treatment services closed loop;in fact, the industry believes that the strong combination of Hanyu Pharmaceuticals and Micro-Medical Group reflects the fact that Internet healthcare is getting more and more attention in the entire pharmaceutical industryIn recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly, among which the new technology has been empowering the various medical industry chains and related policies, which has led to the accelerated development of Internet medical care, and pharmaceutical companies in the need for new technology to innovate the original business, also began to increase cooperation with Internet medical enterprisesEspecially in the field of chronic disease management, because the number of patients continues to expand, bringing huge market demand, resulting in drug companies and Internet medical enterprises more and more common cooperationfor example, in May 2020, Lilly China and 1 Pharmaceutical Network announced that they will continue to deepen cooperation in the field of diabetes through technologies such as Internet hospitals, big data and artificial intelligenceLilly China will rely on the online diagnosis and treatment of 1 drug network, electronic prescription, user insight, intelligent supply chain and other Internet technology service capabilities, combined with its deep advantages in the field of diabetes, together for diabetics to help build a multi-faceted diabetes management platform, including disease management, disease education and patient support programs, to better help diabetics understand the disease knowledge, and home managementin October 2019 Bayer and Healthcare reached a cooperation intention, the two sides will give full play to their advantages in the field of medical health and Internet medical services, focusing on cooperation to promote online slow disease management services, in addition, the two sides will also start cooperation on drug traceability, intelligent medicine, chronic disease management, patient education, doctor education, grass-roots projects, medical big data and other aspects of cooperation to explore drug safety, doctor-patient education and other integrated medical health servicesand as early as May 2015, Shanghai Pharma announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with JD.comUnder the agreement, the two sides will establish strategic partnerships at the strategic, capital and business levels, jointly build an online sales platform for prescription drugs and an offline distribution network, and jointly establish a strategic partnership in the over-the-counter drug sector (including OTC, health care products, medical devices, etc.)same year, Baiyunshan and Ali Health also signed a strategic cooperation intention, docking technical resources, jointly explore the drug O2O sales model, in the pharmaceutical and e-commerce and other fields to establish deep-level cooperative relations, and based on Ali's large health data, jointly build the "hospital of the future."as a whole, the reason why many pharmaceutical companies are choosing to work with Internet healthcare companies is mainly because they can help pharmaceutical companies strengthen existing channels and business models, while exploring more new business models to achieve business sustainabilityAccording to this trend, in the future, more and more cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and Internet healthcare platformsAs to whether this model can allow pharmaceutical companies to usher in better development, the time and the market will eventually give clear feedback.
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