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    Anti gamma radiation function of Rhodiola

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    2013-08-18 classification: the effect of 0 person review has been clear, radiation can cause acute and chronic radiation damage, radiation mutation and radiation carcinogenesis There are various kinds of radiation and radioactive substances in the environment of human life In addition, radionuclides entering the body through diet and absorbed air can not be ignored In order to reduce the harm caused by radiation, some radiation protective agents came into being However, the traditional radiation protective agents have some toxic and side effects, so people pay more and more attention to the anti radiation effect of Chinese herbal medicine and natural food It is significant to study the health function of Rhodiola in radiation According to Zheng Zhiqing et al (2000), Rhodiola alcohol extract was used to prepare the ointment Each gram of the ointment (dry weight) contains 3 g of crude drug for gavage The doses were 1.5g, 0.5g and 0.25g ICR mice per kilogram of body weight for 4 weeks The test substance group and radiation control group were 60 One time whole body irradiation with CO γ ray, the irradiation dose is 8.5gy, and the irradiation time t is 9min13s On the second day after irradiation, half of the mice took blood to measure the total number of peripheral blood leukocytes, and the other half of the mice observed the average survival rate or 30 day survival rate for anti-7-ray study The results showed that Rhodiola extract had significant protective effects on the survival time and peripheral blood leukocytes of mice irradiated with 60 Co The results show that Rhodiola is a valuable anti radiation edible plant, with little toxicity and no obvious accumulation effect, and has potential health functions It is a health food with great development value.
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