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    Application Note: Ultrafiltration Solutions for Enrichment and Desalination

    • Last Update: 2022-08-30
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    Ultrafiltration of the test sample and buffer exchange with ultrapure water can quickly achieve desalination and also concentrate the sample.
    Vivaspin 500Vivacon 500
    Low sample volume? Worry about recycling rate

    Vivaspin 500
    I use a PES membrane with an ultra-fast flow rate, which has a fast capacity for protection, so I only have a single membrane, and the non-specific adsorption is reduced by half

    Vivacon 500
    I used a very low adsorption Hydrosart membrane, and a transverse membrane with a very small membrane area to minimize non-specific adsorption

    How can efficiency be further improved?

    Vivaspin 500
    Let me tell you quietly, because I only have a single mask, the bottom space is large.
    After centrifugation, the suction tip is inserted into the bottom to be completely recovered, and there is no need to reverse the centrifugation

    How to obtain the most consistent concentration factor between parallel samples ?

    Vivacon 500
    I am a flat film and try to keep the centrifugal force as consistent as possible;

    Vivaspin 500
    is a tangential flow monolithic membrane.
    In addition to centrifugal force, we should also pay attention to keeping the scale face up for each little brother.
    If you use other double-sided membrane products on the market, try to make the two membranes face sideways.
    , rather than up and down

    How to prevent the protective agent on the ultrafiltration tube from
    interfering with the test results?
    Our ultrafiltration membranes have traces of glycerol and sodium azide to avoid membrane drying
    Usually these protectants do not interfere with the assay
    However, because the subsequent detection is different, if there is interference, the ultrafiltration tube can be pre-rinsed with buffer and purified water
    If it still affects the detection, pre-rinse with 0.
    1N HCl to remove interfering peaks
    Vivaspin 500 has PCR grade products, which can be used if it is necessary to avoid nucleic acid contamination during nucleic acid isolation

    1Insulin A-chain peptide (MW 2.
    5kD) and calcitonin (MW 3,593 Da) were concentrated by scientists at the University of Cambridge using a Vivaspin 500 3kD product by centrifugation at 13,000 rpm
    Despite the small molecular weights of the two proteins, the recoveries were 98% and 99%, respectively

    Our ultrafiltration little brother has a variety of pore sizes:

    Vivaspin 500
    (3kD, 5kD, 10kD, 30kD, 50kD, 100kD, 300kD, 1000kD)

    Vivacon 500
    (2kD, 10kD, 30kD, 50kD, 125kD)

    regardless of processing virus, protein, nucleic acid samples All can show their talents

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    - References -
    Alan R.
    Johnson, Christine Turner
    Anatomy Department, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3DY.
    Lab filtration Application note 2001
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