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    Application of box filter press in starch production

    • Last Update: 2014-04-11
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    Starch can be regarded as a high polymer of glucose

    Starch is not only used for food, but also for dextrin, maltose, glucose, alcohol and so on

    It is also used for printing pulp, textile sizing, paper sizing, drug tablet pressing and so on

    It can be extracted from corn, sweet potato, wild acorn, kudzu root and other starchy substances

    With the continuous development of industry, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious

    In the process of starch production, the box filter press is an essential equipment

    So in the process of starch preparation, what is the role of the box filter press? The application of box filter press (http:// in starch manufacturing starch residue is a good feed material, but the starch residue after extracting starch from potato is wet (wet process mechanism starch production process), so it must be dehydrated and dried by equipment

    Therefore, in the starch production process, "jinkaidi" box filter press is used for the dehydration process of starch residue

    Generally, a better dehydration process of starch residue is: 1

    Use a vertical screen to separate part of the water; 2

    Use a screw dehydrator to squeeze part of the water; 3

    Use a filter press to press part of the water (and then send it to the dryer for drying)

    Generally, it is used in small-scale starch production enterprises to filter directly with box filter press and then dry

    In starch filtration, the moisture content of starch is high

    How to reduce the moisture content while saving its operation cost is the problem that every enterprise looks at

    And our "jinkaidi" filter press has obvious advantages in starch filtration, such as energy saving, fast, high dryness and so on

    Compared with the same kind of equipment, "jinkaidi" box type filter press saves more than 20% of its operating cost year on year  
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