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    Application of Food Enzymes and Market Development Prospects - Danish Biotech Company Novozying Group

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Starting with an early morning cup of coffee or milk, modern people seem to have to live without a substance that has little "presence" but is vitalin fact, enzymes are playing an important role in not only the food and beverage industry, but also in the medical, home, health, energy, environment and other fieldsin the industrial enzyme industry, the Danish biotech company Novozymes Group (Nowozon) is a "leader" and "leader", with a market share of 48% in the industrial enzyme sector, providing products and services to enterprises from 40 industries in 130 countries and regionsChina is undoubtedly a market that Novozymes attaches great importance to, as early as the 1990s, Novixin set up a research and development center in China, becoming the first foreign biotechnology company to set up a research and development center in ChinaAbout 10 years ago, Novozymes opened the world's largest enzyme fermentation plant in China, Nowion's global vice president of food and beverage business, Teik Chin Tan (TC Tan), told China Science Daily that food enzymes have great potential to improve food processing efficiency, ensure food health and safety, and promote sustainable development, and look forward to more food enzymes entering the Chinese market in the futurefood enzymes are widely used in modern societyperhaps the ancients did not realize the presence of this substance, but they have long used the properties of enzymes, especially in the production and processing of food, humans use enzymes to produce bread, cheese, wine and so on dating back 6,000 yearsfor example, Chinese winemaking uses wine music to ferment using enzymes produced by grain germination or grain moldy myceliumThe use of food enzymes in human development to today, more and more profound understanding, application is more and more extensive, resulting in the natural nature of enzymes purification and processing, biological cells or tissues extracted enzymes out of the need, the industrial enzyme industry" enzymes are a wonderful substance from nature, and organisms cannot survive without enzymesNowadays, everyone's daily life is almost inseparable from enzymes"For the importance of enzymes, tc Tan saysfor example, people's three meals a day, whether it is bread, bread and other staples, or soy sauce, MSG and other seasonings, or the production of dairy products and alcohol, have food enzymes in which the use of food enzymesThe addition of enzymes in the production process not only improves the taste and quality of food, but also greatly improves the efficiency of food processingthe production of MSG is a case in pointInitially, MSG was obtained by acid hydrolysis, a production method that consumed a lot, was expensive, and also had a high level of pollution Later, the process of MSG production was improved, the method of microbial fermentation was extracted, the use of food enzymes brought revolutionary changes to the production of MSG, MSG production efficiency was greatly improved, and production costs were greatly reduced " enzymes reduce energy, raw materials and chemicals, as well as carbon dioxide emissions TC Tan said that in production, the use of enzymes can achieve "one-off", both partially replace the addition and use of chemicals, reduce pollution emissions, protect the ecological environment, while saving energy consumption, reduce investment, improve production efficiency, improve economic, social and environmental value of sustainable development food enzymes are safe and have a potential for development "to improve industrial efficiency while protecting the earth's resources" and to achieve this sustainable development goal, Novozymes provides the world with "biological solutions" Novozymes maintains a keen sense of smell for new technologies and is committed to applying cutting-edge technologies to the development and production of enzymes One of the is genetic modification TC Tan said that Novozymes on the genetic modification of microorganisms, first of all for those "humans have used thousands of years, very high security" of the bacteria screening, after which the screening of bacteria targeted for individual gene modification The purpose of this improvement is to enable the bacteria to secrete a specific enzyme, thereby increasing the number, purity and activity of the enzyme and increasing the efficiency of the enzyme screening improved enzymes undergo rigorous toxicity tests and safety assessmentbefores before they can be used in production "Actually, the end product is not a bacterium, but an enzyme produced by the metabolism of an improved bacterium, a protein TC Tan explains In the production of food production, food enzymes play the role of a catalytic "booster" of an accelerated reaction "Imagely, the cell factory that produces enzymes may have been modified or improved, but the enzyme itself is not an organism, but a protein And in the production of food and beverage, in most cases, enzymes are just a processing aid, and the final product does not have enzymes TC Tan said therefore, food enzymes are non-toxic and non-residual and safe At the same time, food enzymes are also very beneficial to nutritional health , such as lactose, is an important enzyme that promotes nutrient absorption Due to congenital lack or lack of activity of lactatase, the proportion of people who are not lerant of lactose in China is very high Infants and young children, in particular, are at high risk of undernutrition and developmental disorders if lactose is not tolerated For lactose-resistant people, adding lactase to dairy products improves their absorption of nutrients and, in turn, improves the health of this segment of the population, TC Tan says for example, the European and American food industry is now the rise of the "clean label" craze, aimed at reducing additives in food, as far as possible to maintain the natural properties of food Enzymes on the one hand can reduce and replace the use of food additives, to explore the original taste and flavor of food, so that food has a higher quality, on the other hand, can also help reduce the production process of substances such as acrylamide, so that consumers eat more healthandy at the same time, the productivity of food enzymes is also very important to the food industry As the world's population continues to grow, the global demand for food will increase dramatically in three decades, and the potential of food enzymes to reduce food waste and produce more food from the same ingredients is not to be underestimated China should strengthen the screening and market supervision of food enzymes At a time when China is implementing a healthy China strategy to improve the health of its citizens, consumers are paying more and more attention to safe and healthy food In this context, TC Tan believes, there is a lot of market space for food enzymes in China it is understood that some countries use two sets of approval standards and procedures for enzymes and food additives as processing aids But in China, the two audits do not discriminate Coupled with regulators' "cautious" approach to new technologies, new enzymes have been slow to enter China "proper liberalization of enzyme approval, not to deregulate, but rather to strengthen market access barriers and market regulation TC Tan stresses that "effective regulation will promote healthy competition and development in the industry" "We have the latest lactose, which went on sale last year, but is not in China now," TC Tan says that some new, better-effectfood enzymes are not currently in the domestic market because of regulations However, Chinese consumers' demands on food have shifted from "eating well" to "eating well", from improving the quality of food supplies and promoting the quality of food manufacturers to consider, new enzymes and technologies should be introduced more quickly TC Tan also said that in the longer term, If China's food industry to participate in the international market competition, but also urgently need to introduce and apply the latest enzymes and technology, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises more advanced enzymes, it also means more energy savings and more output value One example is palm oil production in Southeast Asia, where oil production increased by 3 to 5 per cent after enzyme treatment "More 5% production means less water, less fertilizer, less land TC Tan said "There is no such biotechnology in many industries in China, which is a big number "If the government takes more forward-looking action, it will promote the rapid growth of more industries, " TC Tan said " he is looking forward to the Chinese market He said China was Novozymes' main emerging market and was "full of energy" and that "we will invest more resources and manpower in research and development and production in the future"
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