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    Application of vibrating screen in garlic industry

    • Last Update: 2017-09-07
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    Garlic is a kind of common and medicinal crops with high nutritional value Due to the diversity of garlic's efficacy, it is processed into various condiments and health care products in addition to normal consumption 1 As we all know, the skin of garlic is very easy to fall off Today's market demands more and more on the product refinement The garlic buried in the garlic skin is easy to be seen as a defective product by customers, and the market is not good or forced to reduce prices Garlic shaker can easily solve this problem, quickly remove decayed skin and other impurities, and help you maximize the value of your goods 2 The classification of garlic powder Garlic can be ground into powder, which is usually used in the food industry as food seasoning Garlic shaker plays an important role in the processing of garlic powder It can not only help to remove the impurities such as thread and stem, but also classify garlic powder to meet the needs of different flavors of seasoning 3 Removing impurities of garlic grains and slices Garlic grains and slices are mostly used when garlic is made into garlic oil, allicin and other health care products Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the supplement of nutrition elements The market of various health care products is far-reaching, and the health care products made of garlic are no exception However, there will be impurity residues in the process of crushing garlic grains, which will affect the content of health care products It is not easy to pass the requirements of health care products industry, which requires garlic Vibrating screen to help you quickly screen out the clean garlic for the next normal production 4 Introduction of garlic vibrating screen garlic belongs to food materials, so we should be more careful when selecting the type We should pay more attention to 304 stainless steel material and whether the machine is easy to clean and disinfect The special vibrating screen made by jinjiashun machine, a manufacturer of vibrating screen machine, is a special equipment for screening garlic The contact material is made of 304 stainless steel, which solves the advantages of boring pollution caused by the corrosion of garlic in the production process Secondly, the exciting force of garlic vibrating screen produced by jinjiashun company can be adjusted manually and flexibly according to the production demand In addition, the garlic vibrating screen has low noise and large production capacity, which can meet the users with large production capacity After the garlic is crushed by machine, it can be divided into powder materials with different mesh by three-dimensional vibrating screen Users can select appropriate stainless steel screen according to different industrial uses of diet, and the taste and usage of garlic powder depends on the mesh number of the screen
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