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    Application of waterborne epoxy floor coatings

    • Last Update: 2022-04-19
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    In modern decoration, floor coating has been recognized by the public and has been widely used
    In large shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets and other occasions, the floor can provide everyone with a beautiful and clean look and feel

    In factories, parking plants and other places, the floor meets your more functional needs, providing you with wear-resistant, anti-static or anti-skid functional
    coatings online coatingol.

    Traditional floor coatings are mostly divided into solvent-based and solvent-free types, and solvent-based floor coatings are accompanied by the volatilization of a large amount of organic solvents during coating, which has adverse effects on the environment and workers' health


    With the increasingly strict control of national environmental protection policies, water-based floor coatings have gained more attention
    Water-based floor coatings not only have the mechanical strength, wear resistance and chemical resistance of solvent-based floor coatings, but also do not contain organic solvents, low VOC or zero VOC, low odor, and easy to clean


    The advantages of water-based epoxy floor:

    Environmental friendly

    The water-based epoxy floor has no solvent or low volatile organic solvent content, which meets the current environmental protection requirements;

    Good operating performance

    The water-based epoxy floor can be cured at room temperature and in a humid environment, and can be diluted with water at the operation site.
    The construction tools can be cleaned with water, which is easy to operate and friendly to operators;

    High security

    The water-based epoxy floor uses water as the dispersion medium, which greatly improves the safety performance during transportation, storage and use;

    good performance

    Waterborne epoxy floor has high adhesion to most substrates, and the cured coating film has good hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance

    Scope of application of water-based epoxy floor:

    wet ground

    Ground without moisture barrier or long-term wet ground such as parking lot, workshop or warehouse;

    clean and hygienic

    Hospitals, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, electronics factories and other places that require a high degree of cleanliness and dust-free;

    Where environmental health is required

    Schools, office spaces, large shopping malls and families, etc.
    , where groups of people have requirements for environmental safety and health


    The choice of water-based epoxy floor for water-based epoxy resin:

    Bisphenol A epoxy resin has good adhesion to concrete, and bisphenol A epoxy resin has good hardness, mechanical properties, wear resistance and corrosion resistance after curing

    Usually water-based epoxy floors are mostly water-based epoxy resins modified by bisphenol A epoxy resin
    Such waterborne epoxy resins include all-solid waterborne epoxy resins and waterborne epoxy emulsions


    All solid water-based epoxy resin

    The all-solid water-based epoxy resin product itself does not contain water, and the epoxy resin has a certain hydrophilicity through modification, and can be diluted with water at any rate
    The all-solid waterborne epoxy resin is more convenient in transportation and reduces the transportation cost.
    At the same time, it can be diluted with water arbitrarily at the use site to adjust the viscosity without affecting the effect and easy to operate

    All-solid waterborne epoxy resins have better cost-effectiveness advantages


    Waterborne epoxy emulsion

    The water-based epoxy emulsion itself contains a certain proportion of water, which is more convenient to operate

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