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    Archroma will showcase its ecological color and performance at the 2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition

    • Last Update: 2021-07-22
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      Please come to Arco's booth during the 2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition on September 13-15, 2017 (Booth No.
    A4501 in Hall 4)

      Shanghai, September 12, 2017-Archroma, a global leader in the field of color and specialty chemicals, will appear at the 2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition (CIPTE), demonstrating its role in improving the aesthetics and Functional areas, advanced solutions and expertise introduced, and focus on its sustainability

      Focusing on the exhibition theme of "This is our natural/ecological grade color and performance", Archroma experts will lead visitors to learn about various customized solutions to help them cope with challenges and meet performance, cost and application Demand
    Especially in the following areas:

    Food contact grade dyes-Cartasol®'s
      latest EU regulations limit extremely low levels of diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) for food-contact dyed cardboard and paper products
    In the Cartasol® series, Archroma has developed several new colorant products that provide papermakers with options that comply with regulations.
    In addition, they can also help them reduce sewage load, thereby improving cost-effectiveness and product environmental protection


      This series contains a variety of excellent cationic direct dyes, which combine excellent direct dyeing properties and fastness to bleeding.
    The white water is also cleaner, and the need for fixing agents is minimized, thereby reducing costs and production difficulties


      Cartasol® dyes comply with various major environmental standards, including the Nordic White Swan certification, Blue Angel and EU eco-labels

    Waterproof and oil-repellent (fat) treatment on the packaging surface-Cartaguard® Arco
      's Cartaguard® coating can provide strong and long-lasting water- and oil-repellent (fat) effects, suitable for fast food boxes and packaging, pet food packaging, laminated paper plates, soups Material boxes and other products

      This series contains an additive product whose optimized formula is suitable for the production of molded pulp packaging and can be added to the wet end thick stock at the same time

      These cationic fluoropolymers have been approved by the U.
    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) for direct food contact


    Stickies control agents that help improve recycling and production efficiency-Cartaspers®
      resins and stickies are derived from natural resin residues and other sticky substances in wood fibers, labels and self-adhesive envelopes
    Both of them may cause agglomeration and deposition, leading to machine blockage, which seriously affects the recycling papermaking process


      Archroma's Cartaspers® polymers can solve this problem in a variety of ways
    Cartaspers® PLH liquid is a new member of stickies control additives.
    This breakthrough product can easily and effectively control the deposition of resin and stickies, especially in various soft water pulp and papermaking environments

    The actual test in the pulp mill shows that compared with other sediment control systems, the product is simpler in application, higher in performance, and more cost-saving


      Our stickies control additives are easy to use and can effectively reduce equipment downtime, optimize the final product and bring huge economic and ecological benefits in various production environments

    Gong Guoping, Asia Sales Manager of Archroma Packaging and Paper Specialty Chemicals Business Unit, said: “Challenging the existing technological bottleneck is Archroma's unremitting pursuit.
    We believe that through continuous innovation, the paper industry can be more sustainable

    With the continuous exploration of sustainable innovative technologies, we can help paper companies in China and the world to develop innovative solutions more easily, while reducing the impact of their products on health and the environment during the production process


      Welcome to the 2017 China International Paper Technology Exhibition (CIPTE 2017) held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on September 13-15, 2017
    At that time, you can go to Booth A4501 in Hall 4 to communicate with experts from Archroma Packaging and Paper Specialty Chemicals Business Unit


      Please participate in CIPTE 2017 held in Shenzhen, China from September 13-15, 2017, and sincerely invite you to visit Archroma Hall 4, Booth A4501 (photo source: Archroma)

      Archroma Cartaspers® PLH liquid is a cost-effective and innovative product for sticky control (photo source: Archroma)

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    , Ltd.

    021 – 5887 8007/139
    17768159 lgu@emgchina.

      Archroma is a global company in the field of color and specialty chemicals, committed to innovation, world-class quality standards, high-level services, cost-efficiency and sustainable development
    Archroma is headquartered in Reinach, Switzerland, near Basel, and has operations in 35 countries around the world, with a total of approximately 3,000 employees

    Archroma provides professional performance and color solutions through its three business units, namely brand and high-performance textile specialty chemicals, packaging and paper specialty chemicals and coatings, adhesives and sealants, to meet customers in various markets Demand


      Archroma develops various technologies that can enhance beauty and performance, and apply them to various daily necessities to meet people's needs for improving life experience
    Better products, more beautiful colors, higher performance-"Better Life"


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