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    Arjuna Natural targets energy bar market with genus plant extracts

    • Last Update: 2021-02-07
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    Standard Nitrate products to the
    nutrition market this month. Clinical studies have
    help athletes increase their intensity and extend their exercise time.

    is a genus plant extract, which is one of the sources of nitrates in nature.
    's production process extracts the right level of nitrate from the leaves of the genus plant:
    grams per
    grams, higher than beetroot powder and beet juice.
    is sold in powdered form with good water solubility and
    is neutral, so it has a wide range of applications for energy bars and sports drinks.

    a clinical study published in
    the journal
    in January
    2016, oral phytosage plant extracts increased levels of nitrates and nitrites in the body for more than
    Arjuna Natural
    , an increase in nitrate and nitrite levels can improve athletic performance in people who engage in vigorous or other sports.

    in the sports nutrition market, the growing demand for nitrate products,
    timely integration into this trend,
    " Arjuna
    marketing manager
    Benny Antony
    at the same time, the product can effectively prevent hypertension, there are many benefits to the cardiovascular system.

    Bacteria in the mouth convert nitrates into nitrites, which then enter the bloodstream. In the case of low oxygen content, nitrites are converted to nitric oxide, which has been shown to play a very important role in cardiovascular health and metabolic control. Dietary supplementation of nitrates, increase the level of plasma nitrites, can reduce resting blood pressure.

    beetroot powder and beet juice have been used to raise the body's nitrate levels, but the nitrate content in these products is relatively low. In addition, different products are based on different origin and processing methods, nitrate content is also very different.
    the most effective source of nitrates for exercise nutrition. Its nitrate content standard is
    . In addition,
    the Oxystorm
    contains no reduced sugars or oxalic acid. Many beet-based products contain high levels of reduced sugar and herbal acid inherent in herbs.

    The product was

    May at the
    Vitafoods supermarket

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