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    Arkema Fluoride has launched the fourth generation of HFO products for refrigeration and foaming.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-30
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    Arkema is a global specialty chemicals company that is committed to developing safe, environmentally friendly and efficient fluorinated refrigerants and foaming agents to meet the increasingly stringent regulations and green energy savingrequirements of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry around the world.

    after years of research and development, we have brought the industry the fourth generation of HFO products, which have very low toxicity, low GWP zero ODP non-flammable products can be used for refrigerant use, but also as a physical foaming agent for polyurethane foam and other uses to provide better insulation properties of insulation materials.

    it is HFO-1233zd (E) (trans-1-chlorine-333-trifluoropropylene).

    are already in Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and other regions began to use in bulk.

    Forane ® FBA 1233zd is a high-performance, low global warming foaming agent (GWP), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved it for most polyurethane foam applications, including household appliances, commercial refrigeration, building panels and doors, and spray foam.

    Forane ® FBA 1233zd is a non-combustible liquid foaming agent.

    can be applied to panels and cold chains, spray insulation, electrical insulation applications such as refrigerators, wine cabinets / freezers and so on.

    Forane® HTS 1233zd is a long-term sustainable solution for chillers, efficient, ultra-low GWP and zero ODS.

    safe use, with very low toxicity levels and low pressure, can be used in centrifugal chillers, high temperature heat pumps and organic Rankin cycle applications.

    Forane® HTS1233zd is compatible with mineral oils, POE or PVE lubricants.

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