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    Art coatings: the broad market prospects are lost

    • Last Update: 2021-01-13
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    In recent years, with the rise of people's pursuit of quality of life, consumers have begun to pay great attention to the aesthetics of paint products, consumer awareness of the aesthetics of paint products has been awakened, the country's rapid development of such coating products, art coatings also fire. In fact, art coatings have been developed in the early years, but has been errthy, but in recent years art coatings can be described as a flying, sudden outbreak. The future development of art coatings has also attracted much attention.
    Many consumers generally believe that art paint is ordinary paint to make a point pattern, in fact, like embossed paint, color paint, texture paint, texture paint and so on, as well as diatom mud can be classified as art paint category. Stimulated by consumer demand, the art paint market is now popular, domestic coating enterprises have launched even foreign brands are scrambling to enter the Chinese market, China's paint market will become a battleground of disputes between the various coating enterprises. As an independent coating products, the product market is also mainly dependent on retail and merchants' independent channels, but because of its relatively high prices, but also mainly in urban circulation, want to expand to small cities and rural markets is very difficult.
    from the early art paint market, art paint is also mainly concentrated in the relatively high-end decoration materials stores, with the art paint market promotion, also began to stay in some ordinary large-scale building materials city. The early part of the profit from art paint merchants are more to do product agents.
    art coating market demand is very strong, products beautiful and environmentally friendly, and shape can be diverse, belong to the category easily accepted by the public consumer, which has become the focus of major paint enterprises competing for research and development. But have to say a key issue, art paint prices are relatively high, which has become a market promotion of resistance, small editor through friends around, colleagues understand, the general class and the following families said decoration will not choose art paint, high prices are the main reason. Although like, but will start from the actual, choose ordinary paint products.
    art paint can enhance the beautiful living feeling, also has a fatal attraction to consumers, but because of its price, construction and other reasons, resulting in the current general use of art paint is not strong; So it's more challenging for businesses. To meet the challenge of art paint merchants need to have a high comprehensive quality, that is, can have the ability to open up the market, but also need to understand the owner's living habits, color preferences, and marketing skills, in order to better serve consumers, tap the art paint market consumption potential, open up the art paint market.
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