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    Art paint may become the new blue ocean in the industry

    • Last Update: 2021-07-31
    • Source: Internet
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    Global Coatings Network News:
    In 2015, the art paint market, regarded as the next high-profit nugget by paint manufacturers, showed a blowout situation.
    Tassani’s 9 major art paint systems and Bardez’s "Milan Star" , Sankeshu’s St.
    Mark’s art paint, Carpoli’s enamel mansion, Waco’s texture wall membrane, Nippon’s Milano Milano art paint, Hualong’s art paint, Dulux’s wall painting service and so on.
    Investigate the reason, you can check the paint production in 2015.

    Global Coatings Network News: 

    In 2015, China's paint production increased by 3.
    8%, sales increased by 7.
    1%, and profits increased by 10.
    This was the second period of low growth in the past 10 years.
    Behind such data, coating companies are seeking development, gradually starting from being a dominance to a diversified coating category, from a thriving to a hundred flowers blooming, competition is becoming more and more subdivided, and the era of category competition is also about to come.
    As a special category in the subdivision field-art paint turned out to be in this context.
    It seems that the speculation has gone too far, and some people in the industry claim that in the next few years, art coatings will usher in a peak of development.

    Whether these next few years will be three, five, or nine years is unclear.
    It is an indisputable fact that a wave of paint companies have begun to introduce art paints.
    It is also an ideal wish to make it fun.
    It is just a matter of question whether this can be fun or not.
    What is the reason? Please follow along.

    Artistic paint originated in Europe, and the craftsmanship spread from Europe.
    The artistic paints sold by most domestic paint companies are imported from Italy.
    This is because Italian art paints have absolute advantages in quality, cost-effectiveness and credibility.
    Consumers also prefer to buy Italian art paints.
    Reporters once asked buyers of art paints, and they all expressed their preference for Italian art paints, and its strong artistic atmosphere is the biggest factor in consumer choice.
    At this point, it is undoubtedly the best choice for coating companies to import art coatings from Italy to seize market share.

    However, one of the things that needs to be clear is that consumers prefer Italian art paints, which are Italian art paints, not domestic art paints.

    Everyone always warmly welcomes foreign products in the voice of "trusting domestic products, supporting domestic products, and saving domestic products", and happily rushed to Japan to buy a toilet seat made in China; after the tax reform of "Haitao", they looked at the purchasing products everywhere.
    Only then did we realize that we are really happy with foreign products.
    Of course, there is no derogatory meaning here (I can't always demean myself), these examples, in the final analysis: the brand is very important.

    Back to the world of our coatings, the brand of the product is very important, and the premise is that the quality of the product must be important.
    Nowadays, the problem of homogeneity has once again put paint companies into an awkward situation, and artistic paint is like a new wind, with "innovative" fresh air, and "credible" comfort.
    But this is only the beginning.

    It is not a single company that introduces Italian art paint, but a group of companies.
    It is a good idea to introduce learning and innovative development.
    However, the thesis that “there is no way in the world, and when there are more people walking, it becomes a way” is not suitable to be used here.
    In this atmosphere of simulation and imitation, a homogenization is about to rise again.
    Mixed game.
    The best way to solve this mixed situation is to create your own brand advantage.
    While leveraging on foreign brands, you can build up your own brand's popularity.
    Only then will you have a chance to reverse and win.
    Blindly sticking to the name of "introduction" will only end up in defeat.
    At this point, the editor really believes that you can't play well.

    Fortunately, many paint companies are doing well.
    Settling in the current wave of art coatings, they timely grasp the demand information of the coatings market, look for consumer market behavior, strictly control research, production and sales, and integrate with the Internet to complement the traditional coatings to compensate for the lack of market, and to make the cake of art coatings.
    Artistic paint is an imported thing, and there are still many places to learn.
    It is unique to the paint used by the general public in China.
    It has particularity in raw materials.
    How to make good use of it is the key point that enterprises need to consider.

    Art paints are not ordinary decorative paints on the market today.
    They belong to different product categories and take the mid-to-high-end route, which is a satisfaction that consumers pursue in spirit, vision and evaluation.
    This kind of distinctive product differentiation, although it will not cause too much conflict with ordinary paint products in the audience and scope of competition, it is convenient for the development of art painters to provide sufficient market conditions.
    However, because of this, operators also need to think about how to deal with product marketing and strategic planning.

    In 2002, Italian Art Coatings entered China with a high profile, but eventually returned unfailingly.
    At the time, critics said it was a strategic mistake.
    After calming down for a few years, the seedlings of artistic paint sprang up suddenly as if they were watered or fertilized.
    With the supplement of experience, and with the official approval of the first "Art Coating Industry Standard" in China, the name of art coatings has been rectified, and its development seems to have a more reliable guarantee.
    What about the subsequent development of art coatings?
    No one knows the future answer.
    Say you can't play art paint, believe it? The editor is even more unable to assert.

    As a new growth point for art paint, its market prospects and development trend are worthy of our repeated research.
    In the future, who has the most chance to grab the beach of art paint and become a veritable dark horse? (Source: Global Coatings Network) (For more information, please log in: Global Coatings Network
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