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    Art paint red rise, coating enterprises to fight?

    • Last Update: 2021-01-16
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    china Coatings Online News
    China's paint production grew 3.8 percent in 2015, sales rose 7.1 percent and profits rose 10.9 percent, the second period of slow growth in more than a decade. In order to seek development, China's paint industry gradually from a unique to paint category diversity, from a unique show to a hundred flowers in bloom, competition more and more subdivided, will usher in the era of competition in the category, and art paint in this context. Industry insiders say: In the next few years, art coatings will usher in a peak of development.
    In 2015, the art paint market, considered by paint manufacturers to be the next high-margin nugget, showed a blowout explosion, with Tasani's nine art paint systems, Bards's "Milan Starlight", three trees of St. Mark's art paint, Carrie's blue mansion, Waco's textured wall film, Libang's Milano MILANO art paint, Hualong's art paint, Dolezal's wall painting services, and more. HC paint network to take some art paint, from the paint enterprises, for you to deeply cut the development of art paint status quo, see who has the best chance to grab the beach art paint, become a veritable dark horse?
    Tasani: Italian art brand founded in 1918
    In August 2015, Italy TASSANI made a strong landing in China, the major media rush to report, occupy the media website headlines, sensational the entire paint industry. On September 29, 2015, TASSANI officially announced an investment of 3 million euros in a new research and development base in China. It is reported that TASSANI Tasani China production base is China's first Italian art coating production base, but also China's first Italian art coating technology research and development center, this is to dry a rhythm ah!
    first, let's take a look at TASSANI.
    TASSANI (Chinese: Tasani), founded in 1918 by Giovanni and the Petro brothers, focuses on providing innovative, high-quality coating solutions to new and existing customers around the world in a wide range of areas, including art coatings, architectural coatings, Water-based wood paint, waterproof paint, color paste, which art coating covers Folk, Swing, Funky, Epic, Enka, Jump, Ska, Texture and other series, and each series of products are water-based paint, which meets the requirements of the modern environmentally friendly water-based paint.
    China's paint consumer market is upgrading to a diversified consumption phase, the paint industry product structure is also changing. Italy's TASSANI Global CEO Mr. Luigi Vignolo said at the launch of TASSANI Strategic Investment Planning and China Branch on September 29, 2015 that China is a fast-growing country and the rate of improvement of national living standards has attracted international attention. On the other hand, China is a large country with a large international population, paint consumption ranks among the best in the world, with the improvement of national quality, the demand for high-quality life will be more and more attention, based on such national conditions, Italy TASSANI came up with a blueprint for entering China.
    We know that art coatings originated in Europe, the process is also spread from Europe, in the past there are Italian brands stationed in China, but the station is unstable, and finally had to feather back. In response, TASSANI has its own different statement, on September 29, 2015, officially announced the first phase of investment of 3 million euros in China's new production and research and development base, and on November 3, 2015 officially opened. It is reported that TASSANI Tasani China production base is China's first Italian art coating production base, but also China's first Italian art coating technology research and development center.
    to this, Luigi Vignolo said, "We have chosen to have a production base in China so that the vast majority of Chinese consumers can enjoy pure Italian products without having to go a foreign country and bear the high cost of import and export tariffs." We are determined to enable Italy's high-quality paint products and high-quality art coating products to enter the homes of ordinary Chinese people. This is our original intention and our goal.
    TASSANI China, Zhongshan, Guangdong, as its headquarters, will become TASSANI's largest production base and research and development center in the world, in addition to Italy, TASSANI's global advantage resources (such as technology, products, color, design, talent, etc.) will be gradually integrated into TASSANI China.
    At the same time, the editor learned that the research and development center fully adopts the parent company's full set of original technology, including Folk, Swing, Funky, Epic, Enka, Jump, Ska seven art coatings products core technology, as well as technology technology and color, will cooperate with TASSANI customers in China and Southeast Asia to carry out research and development, and provide the ideal local technical support.
    Followed by, on November 21st, at the "TASSANI China First Phase Product Development Results Report" meeting, TASSANI China successfully developed nine art coating series, that is, on the basis of the original seven art series to add Texture, Decobase, forming nine art coating series, 591 products, and successfully carried out trial production.
    the difficulty of promoting art coatings is the low market awareness, art coatings to replace the traditional white wall, is the subversion of traditional habits, in our country may be difficult to accept in a short period of time. According to TASSANI China, the series of products is TASSANI selected products, with easy construction, taste, the effect of the characteristics, and these products are suitable for the needs of different types of consumers, and can carry out DIY design and production. In addition, to make the product easier to promote and apply, TASSANI local technology application engineers plan to conduct three coating process training sessions per year to enhance the application of TASSANI products in the Chinese market. As of today, TASSANI China has successfully held art coating technology training is:
    November 16-17, 2015, TASSANI China successfully held an art coating technology training, won the unanimous praise of the students.
    December 20, 2015, TASSANI's second art coating craft training course was officially opened in Zhongshan. Participants from Shanghai, Hebei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Henan, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places participated in the training.
    March 29, 2016, TASSANI made its debut in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, where it gathered with dealer friends from all over Zhejiang to share the temperament and quality of TASSANI Tasani.
    May 13-16, TASSANI Bump Space art institute held the fourth "Art Coating Technology Training Course".
    art coatings, the market volume can not be compared with other architectural coatings, its market is niche, in terms of research and development and process is different from other coatings categories. As if to see this, on February 29, 2016, TASSANI Tasani China received the "Shunde Vocational and Technical College Off-Campus Internship Base" plaque from Shunde Vocational and Technical College, which on the one hand enhances TASSANI Tasani's cooperation in Chinese production, learning and research, and on the other hand lays a solid foundation for the development and growth of the art coating industry.
    It is understood that in order to achieve the development strategy of the next 5 years, TASSANI China's business strategy will focus on: production base hardware facilities, product set of technology transfer, coating technology construction process training courses, brand promotion plans and talent selection. In less than a year from August 2015 to the present, TASSANI will be planning to implement the plan step by step.
    remembers that Mr. Luigi Vignolo, Global CEO of TASSANI in Italy, said at a press conference at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of TASSANI China: If TASSANI's development focus is on the European market in the last 100 years, then the Asian market represented by China will become TASSANI's strategic location for the next 100 years. What kind of artistic highlights will happen to TASSANI next, and we look forward to it.
    Jiabao: Personality Wall Customization Specialist
    In March 2015, after years of research and development and practice, the Carberry Group officially launched its new sub-brand, Blue House, to enter the art coatings market. It is understood that the art quality color paint of The Blue Mansion of Jiabao is located in the "personality wall customization experts", the brand name is inspired by the well-known Chinese and foreign color painting art craft color. In June of the same year, the blue residence appeared in Shanghai "China TuBo", in July, the blue residence appeared in Guangzhou "the 7th China Construction Expo", once became the "king of popularity", in September, the Jiabaoli Art and Coating Museum was completed and opened, Opened the whole house art color paint customization service, in December, held in Beijing 2015 China's water-based industrial paint development seminar, held in the same period of the 2015 China Paint Brand List awards event, Carrie was awarded five awards, such as art paint brand name.
    the development of Carberry in the field of art coatings, as early as 2010, Carberry launched 3D color paint, creating a new product to change the pattern of interior wall coating category. In 2011, Carberry introduced a natural wall of seaweed mud, which is not only unique in function, but also easy to understand in terms of construction. In 2013, Carberry introduced Italian craftsmanship and technology, and then introduced the Branno series of three-dimensional paint. In 2015, at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, Jiabao launched the brand of art coatings in the blue mansion, becoming a leader and a strong promoter of art coatings.
    After several years of promotion and precipitation, now Jiabaoli art paint has become the domestic art paint brand set, annual sales have reached tens of millions of yuan, has become a shorter and longer weapon of Jiabao and foreign brands, but also become a multi-site dealers to open the decorative company channels of the door-knocking brick. It is understood that as of the end of April 2015, more than 100 Carberry art paint stores and zero carbon color stores in the market rapid development.
    the advantages of the rapid development of Carberry's art coatings? An audience member who participated in the 2015 Guangzhou Construction Expo told reporters, "In fact, before that, I learned that Carrie's brand advantages, product advantages and supporting services, has always wanted to join." This time I learned in the news that Carrie will launch a new brand at the exhibition and show off its product effects, so I came to see it from Hunan. "Carrie as an old brand, the representative of old qualifications, its own visibility, as well as the trend of the market prospects also have a more thorough understanding, which wants to join the agent art paint dealers, no doubt great help.
    Second, at the Guangzhou exhibition, the blue residence will be on display six product line painting effects, respectively, "Lu Fu porcelain tide series," "Baylor gold sand series," "Mino styling series," "Bran colorful series," "art latex paint series," "water Sex patterner lacquer series" and so on, six products set excellent environmental performance and excellent artistic expression in one, product line rich, pay attention to artistic performance at the same time, promote environmental protection, solve the high-end consumer population personalized coating demand, widely sought after by consumers.
    Again, Carrie has a clear positioning analysis of its own art paint, in January 2015 held in the 2015 Carberry Group Home Paint Division dealer signing conference, Carberry Home Paint Application Support Manager Peng Yuancong on the development model of stereoscopic paint made a profound analysis and discussion, so that participating dealers deeply understand the strong momentum of art paint development in the industry.
    time, he pointed out that although the marketing of quality paint has taken shape, opening up a certain sales situation, but as far as the whole art paint, Carrie is only the beginning. From many successful market cases can be clearly seen, in order to broaden their product structure to do a good job of artistic paint, we must clearly recognize the three key factors to do a good job of artistic color paint: products, storefronts, teams. Carrie is the same practice, in May 2015, from all over the country 64 full-time guide purchase in the Group headquarters Jiangmen participated in the improvement of the art quality paint terminal sales theory and practical training. From May to July 2015, Carrie launched a national health campaign and worked the promotion of 2 generations of seaweed mud products and three-dimensional paint.
    Only, in 2016, the editor found that the dynamic news about Carrie's art paint was somewhat silent, more in the field of coating technology, which is the rhythm of putting art paint aside?
    art paint fire, but can not be confused, how to do a good job of art paint? Is to take the ism or self-reliance portal, is to inherit and carry forward, or the character and innovation, that road can go steady, under the fire who can not say clearly, after the fire see the difference, we may as well look and look forward to.
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