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    Artificial intelligence brings spring smart grid opportunities for instrumentation

    • Last Update: 2022-06-21
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      [ Focus on Chemical Machinery Equipment Network ] As early as the 1950s, artificial intelligence has become the focus of research and concern for scientists.
    And artificial intelligence is also being developed and used in more and more fields.
    Carnegie-Mellon University announced on July 11 that Pluribus, an artificial intelligence jointly developed by the school and Facebook, defeated multiple world players in a six-handed Texas Hold'em tournament, becoming a machine that defeats humans in multiplayer games.
    A milestone.
    This shows that people's research on artificial intelligence has entered a brand new stage.

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      The development stage and shortcomings of artificial intelligence
      The development stage and shortcomings of artificial intelligence

      According to the level of development of artificial intelligence, the industry generally divides it into three levels: computational intelligence, perceptual intelligence, and cognitive intelligence.
    Among them, the computational intelligence stage means that machines can perform calculations like humans, such as the emergence of neural networks and genetic algorithms, which enable machines to process massive amounts of data more efficiently and quickly; the perceptual intelligence stage means that machines can understand our language and understand the world All things, voice and visual recognition belong to this category.
    These technologies can better assist humans to complete tasks efficiently; the cognitive intelligence stage refers to that at this stage, the machine will be able to actively think and take actions to achieve full assistance or even replace humans.
    At present, artificial intelligence is still in the development stage of perceptual intelligence.


      The shortcomings of artificial intelligence in my country are mainly manifested in two aspects: the unstable foundation of innovation and insufficient investment in talents.
    Whether it is the publication of artificial intelligence papers or the output of artificial intelligence technology, Chinese companies are still relatively lagging behind their foreign counterparts in this regard.
    It is understood that China's talent investment in artificial intelligence is at the top, ranking second, second only to the United States.
    However, the proportion of outstanding artificial intelligence talents in China is very low, while the outstanding talents in the field of artificial intelligence in the United States account for a relatively large amount, with a total of 5158 people, accounting for 25.
    5% of the world's total.


      Artificial intelligence and instrumentation complement each other
      Artificial intelligence and instrumentation complement each other
      As an important basic industry of China's manufacturing industry, the instrumentation industry is gradually moving towards an intelligent road with the development of artificial intelligence.
    Although compared to other emerging industries, the instrumentation industry is not early in contact with artificial intelligence, but a number of companies have become *, proving the possibility of combining instrumentation and artificial intelligence.
    At present, the birth of virtual instruments and intelligent instruments has the characteristics of artificial intelligence-operation automation, data processing, man-machine dialogue and so on.
    The instrumentation industry is developing from automation to intelligence, more precisely, towards miniaturization, multi-function, artificial intelligence, virtualization, etc.


      The complementary relationship between artificial intelligence and instrumentation allows us to solve a type of problem that is difficult to solve by traditional methods, and it is also expected to solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional methods.
    Artificial intelligence is integrated with the development of modern instrumentation, and the intelligent instrumentation created is of great significance to the construction of smart grid.
    Smart grid technology will greatly improve the reliability of the power system, reduce energy loss, delay and reduce the demand for new energy and load.
    It is conceivable that this will be a major change in the power industry, and it will also promote social, economic and environmental development.
    It can be seen that the development of smart grid technology in the next few years is bound to flourish, and it will also bring opportunities and challenges to the upgrade of distribution network systems, substation automation and power transportation, smart grid networks and smart meters.


      The intelligent future of instrumentation
      The intelligent future of instrumentation

      The artificial intelligence of instrumentation is the only way for development, and it is also the key to the combination of instrumentation and artificial intelligence.
    The computer is used to simulate human intelligence and replace part of human brain work, thereby giving people visual, auditory and thinking abilities to instruments and meters.
    It is conceivable that in the future, users in the laboratory can no longer use their brains to process the data output by the instrument, but can directly get a complete analysis report.
    Their job may only be to design experiments, instead of worrying about data processing.


      In addition, virtual instruments will become a new stage and new direction for the development of smart instruments.
    The virtual instrument takes the software system as the core and provides functions such as data acquisition, data analysis, and data display.
    As long as it is equipped with certain hardware and applies different software programming, you can obtain measurement instruments with completely different functions.
    Virtual instruments have come out as early as 1986, and more and more have become the assistants of engineers and scientists, and have received the attention of experts in various fields from all over the world.
    The emergence of virtual instruments has injected fresh blood into the world's instrumentation industry, rewritten the development pattern of the test and measurement industry, and also marked the right track of instrumentation intelligence.


      Artificial intelligence has received considerable attention in our country, and our country is also working hard to build the image of a big country in the production of intelligent instruments.
    Although there is still a significant gap between the level of research and innovation in developed countries so far, it is believed that our country will be in the instrument in the future.
    Go out of your own world on the road to intelligence in the instrument industry.


      Original Title: Artificial Intelligence Brings Spring Smart Grid Opportunities to Instruments
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