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    As the demand of the pharmaceutical industry continues to increase, how should pharmaceutical machinery companies respond?

    • Last Update: 2022-06-23
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    [ Focus on Chemical Machinery Equipment Network ] In recent years, with the support of favorable environment and policies, China's pharmaceutical industry is ushering in rapid development.
    However, it is worth noting that at the same time, the pharmaceutical industry has also ushered in more and more stringent supervision, and is moving towards standardization and standardization.

    Chemical machinery and equipment network hotspots pay attention to chemical machinery and equipment
    In fact, judging from the time of revision of relevant national laws and regulations, in recent years, the frequency and items of revision have been much more than before.
    This shows the country's determination to regulate and control the pharmaceutical industry.
    Especially this year, under the background of the third batch of national sourcing, in order to further improve the quality and efficiency of the pharmaceutical industry, the country has successively issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Green Development of the API Industry" and "About Promoting the Health of the Pharmaceutical Industry" "Guiding Opinions on Development" and other documents to promote the development of my country's pharmaceutical and equipment industry.

    In this regard, the industry believes that the pharmaceutical industry will continue to move towards standardization under the current new situation and new policies.
    In this process, its various needs will continue to increase, especially in terms of drug quality.
    In this general environment, the pharmaceutical equipment industry is expected to usher in development opportunities.
    However, some people in the industry said that to truly seize the opportunity, the pharmaceutical equipment industry still needs to make efforts in the following areas.


    Drive towards automation and intelligence through innovation
      Drive towards automation and intelligence through innovation

      For pharmaceutical equipment companies, if they want to meet the development needs of the industry and companies, they must first enhance the competitiveness of their equipment.
    But to enhance competitiveness lies in mastering core technologies and accelerating independent innovation.
    After all, from a * perspective, accelerating transformation and innovation will be a powerful means to deal with industry reshuffle and market competition.
    In fact, in recent years, a large number of companies have realized the importance of innovation and have embarked on the development path of innovation and transformation, unanimously starting to work towards automation and intelligence.


      For example, the emergence of Chutian's intelligent pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing plant will bring an exemplary role to the pharmaceutical equipment industry, or guide more companies to realize the exploration of the overall intelligence of the factory.
    In addition, the author has learned that in the workshop of a pharmaceutical machinery company, its sterile robot can also automatically complete the unpacking and material transfer of pre-filled syringes, integrating film tearing, paper removal, filling, and stoppering.
    This will not only greatly reduce the probability of drug contamination, but also enable the entire cycle of drug production to be digitized and traceable throughout the entire process.


      The industry believes that with the continuous development of science and technology, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly upgrading, and the development of "new infrastructure" will accelerate under favorable policies, and the pace of intelligentization of the pharmaceutical equipment industry is also expected to accelerate, which is the development of the pharmaceutical industry.
    Provide greater assistance to further improve the production efficiency of pharmaceutical companies, while reducing the cost of pharmaceutical companies.


      Increase the training of professional talents
      Increase the training of professional talents

      Talent is the foundation of an enterprise, and it is undoubtedly a vital resource in the development of an enterprise.
    In recent years, professional talents have become more and more popular in the market.
    In fact, everyone in the medicine machine should have a deep understanding of this.
    After all, the pharmaceutical equipment industry, as a subject involving pharmacy, especially integrates pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology, chemistry, metal materials, mechanical principles, electrical engineering, refrigeration technology, HVAC technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, and computers.
    Comprehensive applied disciplines have relatively high technical difficulties and often require specialized, high-level talents with rich experience.

    Pharmaceutical equipment
      However, in recent years, in the context of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical equipment industry, the market competition has become increasingly fierce.
    At the same time, the "lack of technical talents" has increasingly become a "blocker" on the road to high-quality development of enterprises.
    Since the beginning of this year, it is obvious that there are frequent turnovers in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries.


      In this regard, the industry suggests that in order to break the talent bottleneck, it is necessary to improve the legal protection of vocational education, implement separate classes and categorized training, help enterprises improve the talent evaluation and incentive mechanism, and optimize the talent environment in this field.
    All in all, to cultivate talents for companies is to improve their own initiative.


      It is reported that many pharmaceutical equipment companies have made great efforts in recruiting, training, training and practicing talent echelon.
    For example, while improving the training mechanism, an enterprise has set up cadre training courses specifically for professional talents.
    At the same time, in order to facilitate the gathering of technical talents, companies have also been set up in Guangzhou and Changsha.
    In addition, in terms of recruiting talents, the company has also launched a craftsman training center, through self-recruitment or school recruiting students and inexperienced social talents, in order to promote training plans to cultivate them into the company's reserve force.


      Concluding remarks
      Concluding remarks

      In general, the development of the pharmaceutical equipment industry requires efforts from many aspects to better meet the development needs of the pharmaceutical industry.
    In addition to the above aspects, the improvement of technical levels, service capabilities, and resource integration are also the pursuit of pharmaceutical equipment companies.
    The road of high-quality development will better respond to market changes and have more effective means of competitiveness.


      Original title: How should pharmaceutical machinery companies respond to the ever-increasing demand in the pharmaceutical industry?
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