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    "Asgard" bacteria, the origin of the complex life forms of the earth

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    According to the news network january 19, Western media reported that after nearly 15 years of research efforts, Japanese scientists for the first time successfully isolated from the deep sea and the cultivation of "Asgard" ancient bacteriaThis mysterious creature could explain the origins of all complex life forms on Earth, including humansAll the creatures we can see with the naked eye are made up of the same "bricks," according to the website of Spain's El Pais newspaper on January 18These "bricks" are complex cells that have organelles - eukaryotic cellsAll plants, animals and fungi on Earth are eyreon Earth, there are two other important areas of life: bacteria and ancient bacteriaThe latter is more primitive, with no organelles inside, and is one of the most mysterious and interesting areas of researchIn recent years, it has been thought that about 2 billion years ago, an ancient bacteria devoured another microbe, absorbing it and turning it into the first complex cellThis is the first step in producing all the complex life on Earth, but it is not yet known how this will happen2015, some Nordic scientists exploring the depths of the ocean discovered and named the "Rocky" bacteriaThere was little but dna in these ancient bacteria, so researchers were unable to isolate and grow the microbe, which lives more than 3,000 meters deep on the ocean floor, in the labThe genes of these ancient bacteria suggest that they are closest relatives of all eyrepharycing organisms and have key genes for the basic function of eyrepharycin, although they are theoretically not neededSince then, other similar ancient bacteria have been found, which also contain eukaryotic genesin 2006, a research team led by Apron Iwata, a scientist at the Japan Marine Research and Development Agency, collected deep-sea sediment samples from a trench off japanThe sampling is at a depth of 2,500 meters and the temperature is 2 degrees Celsius, completely in the dark, and is more unknown than the surface of MarsWhen analyzing the samples, the scientists found that they contained the "Asgard" bacteriaMr Ishii and his colleagues became the first researchers to develop the living Asgard bacteria this week, The Team of Mr Ishidi published a study A key step in the culture process, says Mr Ishida, is to have the "Asgard" bacteria grow with other microorganisms in their environment In addition, the researchers added an unusual ingredient: infant formula "These ancient bacteria are likely to use certain ingredients in infant formula as food, " Mr Ishidi said " reference to microbial standards, asgard spouts reproduce very slowly, about once a month The most striking is their entangled slender tentacles Scientists don't yet know what these tentacles are for, but they believe they are important in interpreting the generation of complex life The researchers believe the ancestors of eukaltruics were an ancient bacteria similar to the Asgard bacteria, according to a report published in the British journal Nature Source: Reference Message Network
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