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    Asia's most popular fast-food brand release Consumer trends turn to health, safety, convenience and pleasure.

    • Last Update: 2020-09-16
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    Xinhua News (Reporter Luo Chen)
    June 11, the Kaido Consumer Index released the most popular fast-moving consumer goods brands in Asia. For the fourth year in a row, Yili topped the list of the most selected brands in the Chinese market, with Coca-Cola becoming the fastest-growing brand by consumers, according to the rankings. The report uses an innovative measure of buying behaviour, consumer reach (CRP), to assess how many households around the world have purchased a brand (penetration) and how often (how often) they have purchased it, reflecting market choices.
    over the past decade, Consumer trends and focus in Asia have shifted to the four main needs of health, safety, convenience and pleasure, as their lifestyles and stages of life have changed. For example, in Asian metropolises or online cities, consumers prefer products that are additive-free, high-quality, organic, or contain plant ingredients when choosing food and beverages, even personal care, and household items. A growing number of new generations of consumers are looking to trace ingredients and product sources for environmental or personal anti-aging reasons, and silver-haired families are studying whether these products can help extend life or increase immunity to diseases caused by aging.
    asian consumers are also paying more attention to convenience. Young consumers favor products and packaging that are easy to use and have a clear role to play to meet their needs, as well as channels that make it quick and easy for them to buy. Across Asia, the "time is more precious than money" awareness, such as casual snacks, cereals, porridge and other convenience foods, as well as those that make cooking simple and efficient, such as sauces and advent foods, are growing rapidly. On the channel side, driven by technological developments and the popularity of Internet use, the lines between online and offline are becoming increasingly blurred. Consumers can easily access a wide range of product information online, or click to place an order anytime, anywhere for greater convenience. Many brands are turning the corner and accelerating digital development to meet consumer needs anytime, anywhere.
    enjoy the pleasure and instant satisfaction of the consumer is also the reason why consumers choose one brand and not another. Therefore, brands need to meet the needs of consumers in different situations, different purposes, and give them a compelling reason to choose beyond competitors. "Growth and success are not just short-lived and significant in the market, they mean building a sustainable brand that continues to evolve with the times and meet the needs of consumers," said Avon Guo, asia chief executive of
    Kaide Consumer Index. In
    2018, Yili and Mengniu remain between the top 10 most selected brands in China, with more than 1 billion consumer choices. Yili, which topped the list for the fourth year in a row, grew by 5.1% in 2018, with penetration exceeding 90% for the first time; Mengniu and Master Kang remained in second and third place; and Haitian, the leading brand in the seasoning market, was fourth.
    Yu Jian, general manager of Kaito Consumer Index Greater China, said that in China, most brands still have a larger choice of consumer choice to grow, through the expansion of emerging categories, penetration of offline cities and the creation of new consumer scenarios to expand consumer purchases. In the new retail era, there is an opportunity for growth for both Chinese and global brands, and the key is whether brands can continue to innovate to meet the changing needs of Chinese shoppers.
    among China's top 50 most popular brands, there has been a significant change in the top 10 fastest growing brands. Coca-Cola, Oreo and Six Gods are on the list this year. The development of small-size packaging has helped Coca-Cola expand its new consumer scene, while Zero Coca-Cola is meeting consumer demand for healthier beverages. Nongfu Mountain Springs, Peach Li, Luhua, and Haitian were among the top 10 fastest growing brands for the third consecutive year. Farmer's Hill Springs achieved solid growth in consumer reach by meeting consumer demand for upgrades "from tap water to packaged water" and by catering to vitamin water for younger consumers.
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