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    Home > Biochemistry News > Biotechnology News > Associate Professor Wang Fang and Professor Chen Zilin's research group have made new progress in the detection of nucleic acid special modified base 5-formyluracil

    Associate Professor Wang Fang and Professor Chen Zilin's research group have made new progress in the detection of nucleic acid special modified base 5-formyluracil

    • Last Update: 2021-12-27
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    11 Yue 23 Ri, Analytical Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry, Journal of the American Chemical will, IF = 6.
    ) published the College of Pharmacy, Wuhan University Professor Wang Fangfu with Professor Chen Zilin special research group in nucleic acid modified bases 5- formyl uracil (5fU) detection The new results obtained in the field, the title of the paper is "Highly Selective Electrochemical Detection for 5-Formyluracil Relying on (2-Benzimidazolyl) Acetonitrile Labeling" .
    Tang Jing , a 2019 -level postgraduate student in the School of Pharmacy of Wuhan University, and Zou Guangrong , a 2018 -level Ph.
    student in the
    School of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences of Wuhan University , are the co-authors of this paper.
    Associate Professor Wang Fang and Professor Chen Zilin are the corresponding authors, and Wuhan University is the sole author
    The research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China .
    Paper link: 10.
    , which was selected as the Supplementary Cover paper of the current issue .

    In addition to the five basic bases in nucleic acids , there are many special bases that are naturally modified, such as the methylation modification on cytosine in DNA .
    These specially modified bases participate in a wide range of biological processes, including gene regulation, cell differentiation, embryonic development, and genomic imprinting

    In recent years, more and more special bases with lower abundance have been discovered, such as
    5- hydroxymethyluracil (5hmU) and 5 - formyluracil (5fU)
    5fU is considered to be the main oxidative damage product of thymine, which can be produced through ultraviolet radiation, γ- irradiation, reactive oxygen attack and other means
    5fU is chemically unstable and mutagenic, which can lead to gene mismatches, abnormal gene coding, protein -DNA interference, DNA dysfunction, etc.
    The development of efficient and accurate
    5fU detection methods has extremely important scientific research and practical application value

    In this paper, a highly selective electrochemical sensing strategy based on 2 -benzimidazolyl acetonitrile label is proposed and successfully applied to the specific detection of 5fU in gDNA .
    This method has high electrochemical sensing sensitivity and
    azi-BIAN pair 5fU.
    The specificity of molecular recognition is good, and the interference of 5fC and AP sites can be effectively avoided .
    In addition, the terminal labeling of T4 PNK enzyme avoids the limitation of nucleic acid sequence and makes up for the lack of using known sequences as capture probes in common electrochemical sensing strategies .
    The establishment of this method provides a new way of electrochemical analysis for nucleic acid methylation detection .

    Figure: Schematic diagram of electrochemical detection of 5fU

    Supplementary Cover

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