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    Asymptomatic but contagious during the course of impotence to yin disease.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-30
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    Yu said that asymptomatic infected people will not produce out of thin air, it is divided into two categories: the first is the incubation period of asymptomatic infected persons, that is, the outbreak area has not yet shown symptoms of the disease of patients;

    , said that for these two types of asymptomatic infected persons, should make a good distinction, "the former returned to the confirmed case, will get adequate diagnosis and attention, while the recessive infected person in the course of the disease still has the same detox period as the patient, may be short, or the virus load is slightly lower, but also contagious."

    " it is understood that there are no large samples of research specifically based on hidden infections in the world.

    in the view of Yu Jieming, the management of hidden infection is currently a major difficulty in the prevention and control of the global new crown epidemic, "At present, China's prevention and control measures are: the new crown pneumonia confirmed or suspected cases of close contacts, returning or coming to China and other key personnel for centralized isolation, then, after 14 days of observation, the hidden infection of asymptomatic infection automatically turn edified, the incubation period of asymptomatic infection gradually become a confirmed case.

    " he admitted that due to nucleic acid sampling and other issues, there may be false negative, resulting in a certain rate of misdiagnosis, so a period of time multiple screening and testing, as well as speed up the research and development of nucleic acid testing reagents and operation process standardization, combined blood antibody testing and other detection methods are currently feasible.

    as the temperature gradually increases, Yu Jieming reminded: First, in dense, poorly ventilated places, still advocate wearing masks, wash hands frequently, wash their faces frequently;

    must be active offline, keep personal spacing, as measuring body temperature does not necessarily guarantee the monitoring of recessive infections.

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