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    August 14 copper market noon review

    • Last Update: 2022-12-16
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    Copper Market Summary: The Sino-US trade situation shows signs of easing, and London copper closed up $103 overnight, the market is rekindled with confidence in the demand outlook, and the protests at the Peruvian copper mine have not yet ended, and copper is expected to rise

    Copper City

    Today's Shanghai electrolytic copper spot contract reported a premium of 30 ~ 60 yuan / ton, the trading price of flat water copper was 46600 yuan / ton ~ 46670 yuan / ton, and the trading price of premium copper was 46610 yuan / ton ~ 46680 yuan / ton

    China and the United States once again negotiated to release a favorable release, market confidence was boosted, overnight Shanghai copper prices rebounded to 46700 yuan / ton line, today Shanghai copper back to 46600 yuan / ton around the shock
    The holder quoted a premium of 30 ~ 60 yuan / ton in the morning, and the price difference widened to around 90 yuan / ton in the next month, the performance of the premium was relatively stable, flat water copper struggled around the premium of 30 ~ 40 yuan / ton, the holder was unwilling to lower the quotation, but the transaction of good copper was difficult, only maintained at the first line of 50 ~ 60 yuan / ton; Wet copper continued yesterday's quotation premium of about
    10 yuan / ton.
    Spot quotation performance is stable, good copper trading is limited, flat water copper price is strong, the price difference narrows significantly, the price difference between varieties is only 10~20 yuan / ton range, tomorrow delivery, market quotation will guide the market according to the
    change of delivery factors and basis.

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