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    Auto repair and maintenance industry helps China's auto market develop vigorously in the future

    • Last Update: 2021-07-21
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      The automotive after-sales service field has always been a core component of Automechanika Shanghai.
    Its products involve accident vehicle repair, painting, inspection, maintenance and quick repair chain, supplies and modification, etc.
    The scale and intensity of the exhibition are increasing year by year

    This year, two new major support units from the repair and maintenance industry-China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Industry Association (CAMEIA) and China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association (CAMRA) have been added, and a new "terminal service chain zone" is ushered in for maintenance.
    Prepare for terminal transformation and upgrading

    The exhibition will kick off on November 28, 2018, welcoming more than 140,000 buyers at home and abroad


      At present, the domestic automotive after-sales service market is gradually developing and growing, and occupying an increasingly important position
    The report shows that in
    2017 , China's car ownership reached 217 million, and car sales have ranked first in the world for eight consecutive years
    The capacity of China's auto aftermarket has exceeded
    trillion yuan, making it the second largest market in the world after the US at 241 billion U.
    ( about 1.
    trillion yuan )
    Parts giants, vehicle brands, e-commerce platforms, and automotive supply chains have all deployed in the Chinese after-sales market to provide consumers who are pursuing more diversified service models with solutions from daily driving to completion of maintenance


      Automechanika Shanghai is a global professional service platform for information exchange, industry promotion, business services and industrial education in the entire automotive industry chain.
    Many leading domestic and foreign companies and brands will be unveiled at this exhibition,
    including ABT , DeVilbiss , YAKIMA , Eni , Aiwoite, Baozhongbao, Pentium, Bosch, Supertech, Dali, Master Sheet Spray, Master Film, Philco, Foshan Lighting, Flowserve, Hunter, Fire Eagle, Jingdong, Kunlun Lubrication, Blue Dot, Li Magic, Memphis, American Johnson Glass Film, Bull Magic King, Sheng Brand, Star, Stone United, Sonax, Tektronix, Tongrun, Uni-President, Star Film Fan, Inners, Yuanzheng, Zhongchi Fuk

      In addition, this year will usher in a new ' terminal service chain area ' , many well-known brand chain terminal, independent vehicle aftermarket brands, electronic business platform, the automotive supply chain will gather together to discuss new business models .
    Confirmed participating companies, including SAIC-GM-Deco, Ali Baba, Beiqi good training, public health, think of a European service, US special good, fast quasi-car service, Lung Poon, the way tiger keep a car, the car Chi Fuk .

    Zhou Shaolan, deputy general manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co.
    , Ltd.
    , the organizer, said: "The establishment of the terminal service chain area is not only in response to the rapid development and demand of the aftermarket, but also a platform for gathering resources from all parties and promoting exchanges and docking.
    It will
    bring more inspiration for the future development and upgrading of automobile after-sales service and maintenance terminal .
    At the same time, we also place the tire section in the same exhibition hall.
    Tires and related products are inseparable from automobile after-sales service.
    I hope to use this synergy to create more new opportunities

      This year, two new support units in the repair and maintenance industry-China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Industry Association ( CAMEIA ) and China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association ( CAMRA ) have been added.
    The two major associations have
    more than 1,700 high-quality member groups and enterprises across the country
    They expressed their views on the trend of the automotive after-sales service industry

    Yan Bo, secretary general of the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, believes that the automobile after-sales market will play a supporting role in the overall development of the fast-growing Chinese automobile industry

    China's auto maintenance industry is in a transitional period, and a relatively complete and comprehensive system has been established

    He believes: "Chainization is undoubtedly the future development direction.
    More and more traditional maintenance companies have explored good channels and business models.
    Through chain development, maintenance companies can better guarantee the daily needs of car owners.
    And to provide more comprehensive products and services

    Chain stores are the most important part of this industry's transformation and upgrading


    Xie Jiaju, President of the Equipment Industry Association, believes that the fast-growing Chinese market has attracted great attention from major domestic and foreign automotive after-sales service equipment suppliers.
    It has basically reached the international advanced level and has become a leading enterprise in the field of automotive services

    Many of them will appear at this year’s
    Automechanika Shanghai , such as TCE , Aiwoite, Baozhongbao, Dali, Firehawk, Startech and Yuanzheng, etc.

    These leaders More and more enterprises have stepped onto the international stage, driving China’s auto warranty industry to the world’s leading level
    At the same time, some traditional small and medium-sized enterprises, although the overall scale is relatively small, have increased their investment in independent innovation in recent years.
    Focusing on cost-effectiveness, expanding production capacity, and researching and developing in accordance with market demand and development trends, the development momentum is good


    Cheng Yongshun, deputy general manager of China National Machinery International Cooperation Co.
    , Ltd.
    , the organizer, said:
    "The number of exhibitors in the automobile repair and maintenance section of the exhibition has been increasing year after year, and the popularity and internationalization of exhibiting companies have also been increasing
    At the same time, the exhibition has gained more

    attention .
    Supported by multiple industry associations, it has also been widely recognized in the field of maintenance equipment
    China’s after-sales market has allowed various companies to gain development space
    , and a hundred flowers bloom
    China’s warranty equipment brand companies can provide different customer groups with high-quality and innovative products and
    services .
    Contribute to the healthy and long-term development of the auto repair and maintenance industry

      With the participation of China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Industry Association and China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association , Automechanika Shanghai currently has 49 domestic and overseas support units , including overseas cooperation units from Australia, Egypt, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, The organization of business associations in Turkey, Spain, and the United Kingdom .
    In addition, about 200 global industry media and mass media will support and report on this year's exhibition .
    Automechanika Shanghai will be 2018 Nian 11 Yue 28 to 12 Yue 1 the date, in Shanghai, China National Convention Center held a grand .

      2018 Nian Automechanika Shanghai show information in the General Assembly has recently been published on the website, please visit the exhibition website , download the last exhibition site beautiful photos

      Automechanika Shanghai is co-sponsored by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co.
    , Ltd.
    and China National Machinery International Co.
    , Ltd.
    It is one of the
    Automechanika brand exhibitions
    The global brand exhibition covers Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Central America and South America, holding
    17 professional exhibitions
    worldwide .
    For more information, you can also
    consult the hotline 86 21 6160 8499 or email auto@china.

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