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    Autumn and winter dry, want skin water tender? This tonic water tea, should have learned the hand!

    • Last Update: 2020-05-13
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    winter festival, dryeverywhere, water recharge is a matter of urgency

    You may have used a variety of rehydration methods:

    drink water; apply to moisturize skin care products; use humidifiers, sprayers...

    In fact, these are not what, improve the body's own "water security" is the real thing - this thing really some people have thought, that is, Chinese medicine!

    Chinese medicine believes that the body's water metabolism is most closely related to the three organs, namely, the lungs, spleen, kidneys

    Among them, the spleen is mainly responsible for reducing excess water, that is, wetting, while the lungs and kidneys are closely related to the moisture of the skin and the body's water retention.

    advanced water supplementation method

    is superior to ordinary hydration, it is that it can relieve the body's various organs of the "thirsty." For example, the mouth is thirsty, the nourishment can live, the skin thirst, the nourishment can be dry, the intestine thirst, the nourishment can moisturize the intestines.

    so, a full yin liquid, from the outside, is delicate, moisturizing, delicate, even in the air dry autumn and winter season, the skin can also show a beautiful state, rather than scales, crumbs flying.

    Chinese medicine says that women belong to Yin, male is yang, not necessarily women's body more water than men, but women's "water conservation" is better than men

    The connotation of nourishment is much broader than tonic water, which is a calm, internal, stable, peaceful force.

    recommended: Shiyin lock tea

    5 grams of stone, hazelnuts 5 grams, figs 10 grams, jaundice 5 grams

    One dose a day, re-fry once a week, three doses a week, three days in a row

    Add water to about 1000 ml at a time, for tea.

    Jun medicine stone, the medicine of the mule are into the kidney, deep water, with the drug figs, so that the drug jaundice into the lungs, nourishing the skin

    In addition to jaundice, this side has moisturizing, nourishing yin, water-replenishing effect.

    what is the role of that jaundice? The introduction of drugs up, balance the cold fever - so it is "to make medicine", commonly known as the drug primer

    The head is in the upper part of the body, so this side of the face drying, the effect is most obvious.

    cooking method:


    Health pot cooking method: all-sided into the health pot, press the flower tea function key, automatic frying to the insulation function can be.

    Home cooking method: open fire to boil, small fire to cook for 15 minutes.

    Warm tip:


    Suitable for dry skin caused by the lack of water, dry throat, dry cough, not suitable for acute patients such as cold, diarrhea, not suitable for overeating, indigestion caused by dry tongue.


    If the fig is the whole grain, you can cut or cut two mouths, the tea taste is sweeter, the effect is better.
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